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Procedures for setting up a business in Spain as a non-resident

Discover the difficult procedures for setting up a business in Spain as a non-resident, and how to know in advance which taxes you will have to pay (what nobody had told you before)…

Are you aware of the procedures to be carried out when setting up a company in Spain? Every entrepreneur wishing to invest in our country needs to know in advance which procedures must be carried out, so he or she can be agiler and more far-sighted. We reveal all the details to you.

The Spanish business sector is a really dynamic one. In fact, during the last 10 years more than one million companies have been set up, according to the information published by the rating company Axexor. Investing in our country has important advantages and many foreign investors are aware of them. But for them, the procedures can be enormously complex. Let’s first see which are the procedures for setting up a business in Spain…

Steps to be taken when setting up a business in Spain

Below we explain the steps to be taken by any investor in order to set up a business in Spain. Though there are different types of mercantile companies, we are going to focus on the two most usual ones: the limited liability company (LC or LLC) and the public limited company (PLC).

Tax commitments according to the type of establishment

Here we will focus on a relevant feature to which (mainly because of poor advice) many non-resident foreign investments do not pay attention when setting up a business in Spain. First, foreign investors can use different formulae: subsidiary company, branch company, representation office… This is an interesting issue, as in order to know their future tax commitments they will previously have to be clear about the type of establishment they wish to open in our country: a permanent or non-permanent establishment.

In Leialta we can advise you about the type of establishment that best fits your interests via a study previous of the constitution, if you are going to set up a business in Spain.

Learn more about the tax obligations of foreign business in Spain.

Speed up the procedures for setting up a business in Spain with Leialta

As you can see, setting up a business in Spain requires a series of complicated procedures if you are a non-resident investor, and they can take longer than you would wish. Moreover, in Spain public workers are not required to speak other languages and most official websites are not translated into English.

So it is best to have a business consultancy specialized in these subjects, such as Leialta. For instance, we will provide you with a cash handling service or will design a tax and legal representative through a power of attorney, who will carry out most procedures on your behalf. Our experts speak fluent English and commit themselves to solve your doubts in less than 24 hours.

With our business consultancy you will have all the information about the best legal form for your company in Spain and the procedures that must be carried out to comply with the law, and will find out beforehand which are the tax commitments for the establishment you choose. Thinking of setting up a business in Spain? We can help you!