Tax representative in Spain for non-residentes: why you need it

Advantages of having a tax representative in Spain for non-residents.If you are reading this post, maybe it is because you are thinking of (or you have already started to) setting up a business in our country. And surely you will have heard about a specific figure, the tax representative in Spain for non-residents. This information is key for your business’ future success: your company may be obliged to have this type of representative or perhaps you want to hire one voluntarily, but in any case it is one of the most interesting ways to do business in our country as a foreign entrepreneur.

In order to provide you with all the information about this option, today we are going to tell you why you need a tax representative in Spain for non-residents, what is the difference between the mandatory and the voluntary figures and other key features to make the decision. Keep on reading!

Fluent bureaucratic formalities and more advantages…

In our posts about whether it is advisable for non-residents to have a representative for setting up a business in Spain we started to get familiar with this figure. Do not miss it: you will find basic information for your project’s development. Overall, the tax representative in Spain for non-residents is a natural or legal person through which foreign companies wishing to do business in our country can perform sales transactions. One of the many advantages of setting up a business in Spain as a foreign businessman or woman is that our country is one of the few which allows foreign entrepreneurs to operate in the Spanish territory under the same conditions as national entrepreneurs.

But there is more. Before you start your business, you will have to go through a series of procedures and steps… And here, you will appreciate this figure’s value for the first time. Through your tax representative in Spain you will be able to complete all the procedures in a fluid, legal and transparent way. However, you must design him or her before starting any commercial operation which is subject to Spanish taxes. And of course, you will still be obliged to contribute taxes in your home country for the benefits generated by your commercial activity.

The tax representative will enable you to:

  • Communicate, work and develop your business with Spanish companies, surmounting the difficulties inherent to a country you do not know well, the bureaucracy and “red tape” and the language barrier
  • Undertake all your activities in a legal way, preventing fines and penalties
  • Develop your business without living in Spain

Is having a tax representative in Spain for non residents mandatory in all cases?

Having a legal and tax representative is not always mandatory, but it is highly advisable in any case if you want to set up a business in Spain as a non-resident. Actually this figure can have a legal or voluntary standing: in the second case it is mandatory for the business to design one.

A mandatory or voluntary figure?

☑ If your company is stablished in the European Union, the tax representative in Spain for non-residents acts as an intermediary with the Spanish Tax Agency, the providers, the employees etc.

☑ If the business is not stablished in the EU (except for Norway), then the representative has a legal standing and will be mandatory for the company to pay the Spanish Value Added Tax.

☑ As well as the place where your business is stablished, the nature of your entrepreneurial activity will also be relevant to know if it is mandatory or not to have a tax representative in Spain for non-residents. If your business engages in the import of goods (from or to Spain) or you want to have a permanent establishment (for VAT) you will be obliged to design a representative.

Do not hesitate: as well as being imperative, it will eventually become a key feature for your peace of mind.

Tasks of a tax representative in Spain for non residentes

Once you have designed your tax representative in Spain for non-residents (read our section about Tax and Legal Representative to know more about the required procedures and how we can help you with them), congratulations! Now you have a right-hand person in Spain who will be in charge of managing all the complicated and boring procedures, especially if you live out of Spain and do not understand well our language…

  1. Get the EORI number (registration and identification number of economic operators for import-export business which operate in the EU).
  2. Obtain the non-resident CIF.
  3. File the VAT declarations.
  4. Communicate in a fluid and constant way with the Spanish Tax Agency.

As you can see, there are many procedures which this figure can make easier: it is not strange that so many foreign companies in Spain put their business in their hands.

What we can do for you

Leialta is a business consultancy with a special team in charge of assisting all the entrepreneurs who wish to set up a business in Spain without having to travel to our country. A perfect service for foreign entrepreneurs like you.

We are an English-speaking team with extensive experience, and guarantee a fluid communication with our customers. We will never take more than 24 hours to call you back!

Trust in our experts and you will see how quickly your business will take off.

Do you want to know more about what a tax representative in Spain for non-residents can do four your business? Leave a comment or contact us. Do not wait until tomorrow!

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