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How to create a company in Spain step by step

How to set up a company in Spain without moving to the country? by Leialta

As an entrepreneur, you always want the best for your company. Sometimes, one of the wisest decisions you can make is to step out of your comfort zone to explore new opportunities abroad. Have you ever considered taking your business to Spain? The idea of bureaucratic procedures, paperwork and unforeseen costs might put you down, but we have good news for you: it can be much simpler than you think. All you need is your wish to make your company grow combined with the help from experts and the right professionals.


In this post, we will guide you through the process of creating a company in Spain without the need to relocate. We know you want to start doing business as soon as possible and that you value legal and transparent structures, so keep reading!


How to create a company in Spain: start on the right foot

You may think that in order to create a company in Spain you must relocate to our country. But although the journey can be very pleasant, we suggest you do it during your holidays rather than for work: you’ll be able to enjoy all the attractions of the country without having to dedicate time to other concerns. To ensure that everything is done correctly, the first step is to contact a Spanish business consultancy that has proven experience in the sector, a team made up of professionals who know the best way for a foreign entrepreneur to internationalize their business in our country.

We understand that if you’re considering how to start a company in Spain, you may have some doubts and concerns. It can be challenging to know which consultancy or expert to choose if you are not familiar with the business landscape in the country. Therefore, you’re absolutely right to take the time to carefully select the right partner to work with. Here are three important factors to keep in mind when making your decision:

  • Bilingual professionals. A website in English is a great first impression.
  • Proven experience. Satisfied clients are a strong indicator of professionalism.
  • Quick response. Beware of those who take more than 24 hours to answer your calls or reply emails.

Why do you need a legal and fiscal representative in Spain

Now you know how to choose the right team to guide you through the process of creating a company in Spain (and assist you at all times) without the need to travel to the country. When you don’t have a minimum business structure to operate in Spain, it is necessary to have a legal and fiscal representative that acts on your behalf. Keep reading this article to find out about the benefits of having this person and how to go about appointing one. Your representative will take care of all the necessary procedures to ensure your company can start operating in Spain as soon as possible.


For this purpose, you only need to grant power of attorney to the aforementioned representative in the country where the non-resident company is established. It is not necessary for the owner of the said company to be present to formalize this process. At LEIALTA, we are a business consultancy specialized in helping foreign entrepreneurs start their business in Spain. We have a specific service for legal and fiscal representation of non-residents. Our experts will walk you through the process, ensuring that everything is done quickly and in accordance with the law.

Our team of professionals is fully bilingual and will respond to all your inquiries in English within 24 hours. We believe that constant communication and interaction with our clients are two important factors that will help you start a successful business in Spain.

The problem with bank accounts (and the solution)

One of the most important steps when thinking about how to create a company in Spain is obtaining the non-resident tax ID (CIF). It’s the “magical” element that allows you to operate in Spain without a subsidiary or branch, quickly and transparently. However, in order to do business, it is essential to have a bank account in our country, which can be very complicated for foreign entrepreneurs. Again, there is a very interesting solution that will solve your problem once and for all: hiring a cash handling service.

What exactly does this service consist of? It is a procedure that allows the company to operate through an existing bank account in Spain, completely legally and 100% reliable. Again, at LEIALTA we offer you our cash handling service, through which you can collect payments from clients and pay mandatory taxes or fees. And if you have employees, it will also allow you to pay their salaries.

Guide on how to set up a company in Spain

At Leialta, we understand the challenges foreign entrepreneurs face when trying to set up in Spain. That is why we have created a specialized guide that addresses the main issues and offers clear solutions to make the process of setting up a company in Spain a step-by-step process. This guide has been designed to answer your questions and give you the confidence you need every step of the way.

When you are interested in setting up a company in Spain

One of the highlights of our guide includes some cases in which you may be interested in setting up a company in Spain. The most common options are:

  • Investing in Spain by creating a permanent establishment, which can be easily achieved by setting up a branch or subsidiary, for example.
  • Setting up a representative office. This is very common when an administrator of a foreign company appoints a legal and fiscal representative to negotiate with different Spanish entities in order to become their supplier.
  • If you wish to invest in Spain in real estate, companies or investment funds, it may also be a good time to set up a company in Spain.

However, many foreign entrepreneurs encounter significant obstacles (especially in terms of legislation) that end up discouraging them. To overcome them in the most effective way, we recommend downloading the free guide on how to set up a company in Spain. You can learn more about the types of companies that can be set up, the steps to follow as a resident or non-resident, and how a foreign company is taxed.

Guide: How to set up a business in Spain

Join us in setting up a company in Spain

Now you know how to set up a company in Spain step by step, in an efficient and legal way and with the help of the best professionals. The keys: good communication, personalized attention, quick response to any queries and proven experience in this field. We help you to appoint a legal and fiscal representative for your company in our country so that you can operate from the very first moment, enjoy the benefits and admire how your business expands beyond your borders.

Do you have any questions about how to set up a company in Spain step by step? Leave us a comment or contact us – at Leialta we look forward to answering all your questions!

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