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How to set up a business in Spain step by step: what nobody had told you

How to set up a business in Spain step by step without coming to our country: 5 requirementsIn this post we tell you how to set up a business in Spain step by step without travelling to our country, using legal and transparent structures and always with the possibility of starting to do business ASAP. As an entrepreneur, we know you want the best for your business. And one of the best decisions you can make is stepping outside your comfort zone in order to explore new opportunities abroad. Have you ever thought of coming to Spain and opening new commercial routes for your business in our country? If you have ever entertained the idea but are afraid of bureaucratic problems, complex procedures and possible additional costs, we have good news for you. The process is much easier than you could imagine… if you have expert advice and the right professional support to know how to set up a business in Spain step by step.

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How to set up a business in Spain step by step: the beginning

Maybe you believe that if you want to set up a business in Spain, you necessarily have to travel to our country. It is surely a nice and appealing trip, but we think you’d better come on holiday and not for reasons of work: you will be able to spend all your time enjoying the attractions of the country. So if you want to be sure that everything is properly managed, the first step is contacting a Spanish business consultancy with proven experience in the field, composed of professionals who know the best way for a foreign entrepreneur to internationalize his business in our country.

Now that you are aware of the first step to take, maybe you will be thinking: “Yes, but… I do not know any good consultancy or an expert who can help me! How can I know I am choosing the right one?” You are completely right. These three key factors will help you to make the best choice:

  • Bilingual professionals. Remember: an English website is a great cover letter!
  • Proven experience. Many satisfied customers make up a good proof of the company’s professional expertise.
  • Quick response. Do not relay on any business where nobody answers the phone or your emails in a maximum of 24 hours.

Why do you need a legal and tax representative in Spain?

You already know how to choose your future ‘right hand’, that is, the team who will help you to set up a business in Spain without having to travel to the Spanish territory. When a company does not have a minimum business structure to operate in Spain, it is essential for them to have a legal and tax representative who acts on the company’s behalf (do not miss this post about the advantages of this figure and the procedures needed to design one). This representative will be in charge of completing all the procedures so your business can operate in Spain as soon as possible.

To accomplish this, you will only have to empower your representative in the country where the non-residing company is legally established. It is not necessary for the foreign entrepreneur who owns this company (that means you) to be present. In LEIALTA we are a business consultancy which provides legal and tax representative services and will accompany you during all the process, making sure that everything is made in the quickest way and according to the law. Our professional team is composed of English-speaking experts who will answer all your questions in English within 24 hours, via phone or email. Because we believe that there are two essential factors to successfully manage this process: constant communication and a full interaction with our customers.

The bank account problem (and our solution)

When setting up a business in Spain, one of the most important steps is getting the non-resident CIF. This is the ‘magic’ figure that enables you to operate in Spain with no branch or subsidiary company, in an immediate and transparent way. Though, in order to do business you must have a bank account in our company… something which may be quite complicated for foreign people. Again, there is an interesting option that will solve your problems once and for all: hiring a cash handling service.

What exactly does this service entail? It is a procedure that makes it possible for a company to operate through an existing Spanish bank account in a fully reliably and legal way. Again, in LEIALTA we put at your disposal our cash handling services so you can charge your customers’ payments and pay your own compulsory taxes and fees. And if you have employees, you will be able to pay their wages too.

Step up and set up a business in Spain with us!

Now you have all the information about how to set up a business in Spain step by step, in an efficient and legal way and with the aid of the best professionals. The key factors: good communication, personalized attention, quick response to any question and proven experience in the field. We help you empower a legal and tax representative of your company in our country so you can operate from the very first moment, enjoying all the benefits and seeing how your business expands beyond your country’s boundaries.

Do you have any doubt about how to set up a business in Spain step by step? Leave a comment or contact us. We are looking forward to answer your questions!

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    • Javier Martínez says:

      Dear Bradd,

      Although the most commonly used legal forms are the limited company and the limited liability entrepreneur (individual self-employed), there are other options, such as:

      Limited Company
      Public Limited Company
      Limited liability entrepreneur
      Branch or permanent establishment
      Business cooperation
      Temporary joint venture (UTE)
      Economic Interest Grouping (EIG)

      Each has different advantages and obligations, and you must choose the one that best suits your business idea.

      Best Regards

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