Buying a property in Spain

If you live abroad but want to buy property in Spain (as a home, investment, to obtain a Golden Visa, etc.), or if you want to sell a property you own in Spain

We can help you through the entire process to ensure everything is carried out correctly.

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leialta consultoría legal y mercantil consultoría empresarial

We help you buy and sell property in Spain

We help you through the process of safely buying and selling property in Spain , complying with all legal requirements. 

We provide confidence and safety through the process, guaranteeing all procedures are carried out correctly.

The value of our service is to provide business people with the information they need to help them make strategic decisions.

Buying and selling your property in Spain from abroad

The purchase and sale of property is an incredibly important and delicate matter, which is why advice on the procedures involved must be as clear as possible. All legal and fiscal aspects must be checked, as well as any encumbrances and/or defects that the property may have, the ownership, guarantees, etc.

At Leialta, we offer our knowledge and experience in real estate, tax and civil matters to guarantee the success of the purchase or sale of property.

How Leialta helps you with the process of buying or selling your home from abroad

At Leialta, we have an established methodology for carrying out property purchase and sale transactions in Spain from abroad:

  • We carry out initial Due Diligence on the property being purchased.
  • We arrange the power of attorney to act on behalf of the client in Spain.
  • We take care of the drafting, negotiation and signing of the earnest money contract.
  • We provide advice on payment (we even offer a cash handling service).
  • We attend the notary’s office and sign the public deed of sale.
  • We carry out the withdrawal of the title deed and the change of ownership in the Land Registry.
  • We carry out the change of ownership in the records office.
  • We manage the contracting of electricity and water supplies.
  • We send the client all documentation relating to all procedures involved in the sale or purchase of the property.
  • We provide advice to the client on any aspect related to the sale and purchase transaction.

We help you throughout the entire process to ensure the purchase or sale is carried out correctly and in full compliance with all the formalities.

We can help you:

  • Get real estate contracts: We plan and draft real estate contracts, earnest money contracts, sale and purchase contracts, rental contracts and notarial deeds.
  • Get the Golden Visa: We manage the complete cycle for obtaining the residence visa for foreign investors:

             Ensure your family unit is entitled to the right of residence.

              Work without continuous residence and reduced tax liability.

How do we do it?

At Leialta, we seek the optimal solution for each and every one of our international clients investing in Spain.

Our qualified and committed team ensure complete success when buying property in Spain. We have professional profiles with a high level of English, specialised in dealing with international clients.

We can accompany you from day one, helping you through all the necessary steps in managing your sale and purchases in Spain with the rigour required by the Spanish legislation.

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leialta consultoría legal y mercantil consultoría empresarial
Jose Luna

Head of the Legal and Commercial consulting area

Success stories Global Voice Group

GVG is a foreign company operating in Spain. GVG’s management was unaware of the tax and accounting regulations in Spain but still had to meet the applicable accounting obligations as a foreign company.
We guided GVG in identifying its accounting and tax obligations in line with its corporate structure. During the process, GVG has acquired an understanding of the taxes it faces as well as the cause of these taxes.

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global voice group caso de éxito leialta contable y fiscal

We execute your sale safely

We make the path easier for you so that you can sell or buy your home in Spain.