Family business Consulting

For family businesses that want to protect their business and themselves.

We help protect the assets and interests of family businesses that seek to optimise their results with the resources that are on-hand.

This process involves strengthening family bonds by applying rules that promote and support everybody’s interests.

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leialta consultoría legal y mercantil consultoría empresarial

We help you to expand and optimise your business

Our services are designed to help SMEs, business groups or family businesses to change the way they manage their business by optimising management and corporate processes and applying solutions adapted to their specific circumstances.

Save time, improve work procedures, focus on the activities that really matter and enjoy the advantages of a more economically-oriented system.

Our service is based on providing entrepreneurs with information that helps them make strategic decisions for their businesses.


Real solutions to internal conflicts in family-run companies

We guide family-run businesses in diverse issues including:

  1. Using tax restructuring to optimise the company’s structure and organisation.
  2. Creating a succession plan in the management and ownership of the family business.
  3. Implementing financial viability and business development plans.
  4. Developing partnership agreements and regulation of remuneration and performance bonuses.
  5. Managing taxes for the company, partners and managers.
  6. Executing ownership change transactions. Succession, donation, purchase/sale.
  7. Implementing procedures designed for regulatory compliance and good governance.

We have already helped many family businesses to become professional and resolve their internal conflicts. That is why we can transfer our expert knowledge to you as a family business consultancy. If there is any type of company that is especially likely to benefit from professional, safe and stable management, it is the traditional family-run company.

You are not alone in the face of problems and doubts about the future. We are specialists in the management of all the possible conflicts that may arise while running your business and we advise you on the best options for the future if you are already thinking about retirement, succession or sale of your business.

Our clients include companies that have learnt how to manage their industry and their family relationships in an efficient and organised way that sets out clear rules for everybody involved, thanks to the support and specialised advice that we offer as family-run company consultants.

We work to put in place changes that help you achieve your goals with solutions that bring results.

Access our guides and resources on family-run businesses

Make improvements to your business and achieve your goals: Protect your business assets, solve problems in your family business or apply tax incentives and improvements.

Download the one that best suits your needs.


Professional team that knows how to successfully manage complex solutions

We are a family business consultancy with extensive experience. We offer a service of active listening, advice, support and solutions to the real problems that companies face. We do this through a detailed study of the situation that allows us to provide you with optimal legal, family and fiscal solutions.

We have a young team made up of qualified and experienced professionals, specialised in family business consulting, who know how to successfully manage the delicate relationships established within this type of business.

Entrepreneurs will find in our professionals the necessary advice and support, both in the legal and tax field and in that of family relationships. An especially complex field that presents its own characteristics, often difficult to understand for those who are not aware of the special considerations that must be taken into account when it comes to family businesses.

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leialta consultoría legal y mercantil consultoría empresarial
Jose Luna

Manager of the Corporate Law and M&A Department

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Success stories Temaxel

Business restructuring of a family business

Temaxel is a family business that wanted to prepare succession for future generations that were part of the company.
As there were several family members involved, and to avoid any potential family issues, we opted to divide the company with a business spin-off, separating the company’s activities so that they could be quantified and managed independently.
We also implemented a tax neutrality regime based on legal and transparent tax exemption.

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temaxel caso de éxito leialta escisión de empresas

Let’s start a transformation together

We strengthen family ties by applying rules that respect and support everyone’s interests.