Legal and Fiscal Representation in Spain

Establishing a representative to set up a business in Spain for non-residents is a formula that works perfectly for foreign businesses that want to start operating in our country without having to go through complicated administrative procedures themselves.

Acting as a representative, we can offer:

  • Consultancy throughout the process.
  • Liaison with the Spanish Tax Agency.
  • Management and execution of bureaucratic procedures.

It’s an alternative that facilitates operating your company in Spain without the need for a subsidiary or branch office.

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We help you manage and optimise your business

We help companies to a quickly and easily start up their business in Spain, applying solutions adapted to their enterprise.

We manage the paperwork, saving you time so that you can focus on your core business activity.

The value of our service is to provide business people with the information they need to make strategic decisions for their business

Legal and tax representation for your business in Spain

It is mandatory for non-residents to appoint a tax representative who has tax residence in Spain.

If you do not have this legal representative, you are in breach of the law and can incur fines of between 2,000 and 6,000 euros from the Tax Agency.

It is mandatory for non-EU non-residents to appoint a tax representative who has tax residence in Spain.If you don’t have this legal representative, you’re in breach of the law and can face fines of between 2,000 and 6,000 euros from the Tax Agency. With a representative, however, you can successfully circumvent the complex Spanish regulations regarding the creation of new companies.

  • At Leialta, our legal and tax representation service for companies in Spain provides you with all the support you need to successfully develop your business.

If this is the right solution to develop your project in our country, we can help you as a specialised business consultant.

What is the role of legal and tax representation in Spain for foreign companies?

Legal and tax representation in Spain:

  • Allows companies not established in Spain to buy and sell in our country.
  • Is a strategic partner that represents you before the Spanish authorities for legal and tax purposes and frees you from bureaucratic procedures.

For companies established within the European Union, legal and tax representation in Spain is voluntary, with some exceptions, and acts purely as an agent.

For companies not established in the European Union, it is required by law.

At Leialta, we provide legal and tax representation in Spain by assuming control of certain administrative and fiscal tasks.

The perfect solution for your business in Spain

Leialta’s legal and fiscal representation in Spain includes the following services:

  • Consultancy from the very start of your business operations in Spain.
  • Acting as an intermediary with the Spanish Tax Authorities, representing you and managing any action you take.
  • Handling of all bureaucratic procedures.
  • Ensuring your activity is in accordance with tax regulations.

How do we do it?

At Leialta, we seek the optimal solution for each of our non-resident clients.

Our qualified and committed team is the key to our success in managing foreign companies in Spain. Our professionals have a high level of English and are specialised in dealing with international clients.

We can accompany you from day one, helping you through all the necessary steps in establishing and managing your company in Spain with the rigour required by Spanish legislation.

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leialta consultoría legal y mercantil consultoría empresarial
Jose Luna

Head of the Legal and Commercial consulting area


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We help you manage your company in Spain

We make the path easier for you and help you get your company in Spain.