Nuestra metodología en la consultoría de empresas

Our work methodology, independently from the advisory service provided to our clients, follows the pattern described below.

This makes it possible to follow always the same process, no matter which professional provides the service. Therefore, the monitoring of the process will be suitable for standardization.

Quality Management System Certification


We have an integrated quality management system in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2021 standard, which identifies and defines the responsibilities, procedures, processes, resources, etc. to ensure that the result satisfies the established specifications and quality guarantees and is committed to complying with the applicable legal requirements.

The quality and continuous improvement in all the services developed by LEIALTA, represent a strategic objective to satisfy the needs of our clients and to be able to continue being competitive.

  • 01


    This is the first and most important step: to understand exactly the client’s necessity. If he or she does not know what he or she wants, any solution will be doomed to failure. So we will stop in this part as long as it takes until the basement is perfectly established. Once identified the necessity or necessities, we will proceed to gather all the information and documentation, both from the client or every external data needed to architect a solution to his or her problem. If the necessity is clear, this step is quite simple. Sometimes it is a little tedious, but it is not really complex at all.

  • 02


    In the beginning, we study thoroughly the information and documentation available. We must be very careful so no aspect can escape of our overhaul, as it could affect the solution ahead.
    When we have clear conclusions obtained from the analyzed information and data, we will establish different sceneries or solutions for the client. We take special care of finding solutions that really help the client, with no deviations in the process

  • 03

    Defense and criticism:

    Are the proposed solutions the answer to our client’s needs? In order to be sure that this question gets answered, we will pool the different solutions among the members of the team.
    This is an assertive process through which we provide constructive criticism for every solution, in order to keep only those solutions which prove truly helpful for our clients.
    When an agreement has been reached, we will establish the solutions to be delivered to the client.

  • 04


    Whether it is just one or several solutions, they are all exposed to the client so he or she can choose the most appropriate one. We remain confident that all the delivered options will reach the goal set by the client, no matter what he or she chooses.
    The presentation comes to an end when the definite solution to be implemented is settled.

  • 05

    Project Development:

    According to the settled solution, a work guide will be planned so it ensures that we will not deviate from our goal. This guide will prevent the ‘tunnel vision’ from affecting the team members, sidetracking them from the desired goal.
    The supervisors of each project will constantly stress the importance of this point. This is basic to prevent having to undo part of the job and falling in unnecessary resource consumption.
    In the beginning of the process we will also chose the professionals and technology needed to perform our tasks in the most efficient way. Only those profiles that best suit each project’s needs will be chosen.

  • 06


    Thorough the Project, the professional responsible for it will monitor the tasks performed by each member of the team. This review, performed by a second professional, is what we call ‘four-eyed review’.
    The supervisor must have a key idea in his mind: to ensure that the project’s management will always be aimed to fulfill the client’s requirement.
    Before delivering the project to the client, a more in-depth review will be accomplished in order to be sure that it fulfills Leialta’s quality standards. Again, it will be pooled and will ensure that the aimed goal has been reached.

  • 07


    This phase involves presenting the deliverable or project to the client, according to the raised requirements.
    – Creativity: Constant search of new services and ways of providing them in a constantly changing world.
    – Technology: We apply to our services the most innovative technology that will enable us to provide higher added value.

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