Consultoria de empresa familiar


We believe that the key to the companies’ competitiveness involves their professionalization at all levels. In order to accomplish it, the companies need to surround themselves of consultants and advisors that help them achieve their aims. It is impossible that anybody, no matter how good he or she is at work, has the necessary knowledge about all the areas of his or her business. What is more, it might be counterproductive that the company’s best asset, the person who has created it, wastes his or her time performing tasks with a low value contribution.

The key to success lies in delegating the business’s secondary tasks to professionals specialized in those tasks. This way, the people who make up the company will be dedicated to what each one does best, thus maximizing the value they provide.
There is another reason that justifies professionalization through experts, and this is motivation.. The people who perform tasks they do not like or do not control get frustrated and discouraged: their performance gets reduced and so does their contribution. Having people who add instead of subtract is something that goes against the reason for every company to exist.

We think thatthe good professionals and experts every company must surround itself of have to be people living in today’s world,, familiarized with new technology and who consider creativity as the basis of their work. People who will always fulfill the expectations of the client in less than 24 hours, as we live in a climate of constant change.
We want to be the professionals every company surrounds itself of, in order to make this qualitative leap; to be the ‘general practitioner’ of all the companies that really want to progress in their fields.

Our values:

Transparency: When advising our clients we speak to them clearly and bluntly.

Meritocracy: We reward our professionals depending on their achievements and accomplished aims.       We do not believe in favoritism or any type of work-related discrimination.

Motivation: We work hard to ensure that our team does exactly what the wish; it is the only way for them to give their best.

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