Consultoria de empresa familiar



Temaxel is a Spanish leading company in the manufacture of mechanical component parts and heat sinks for strategic sectors such as telecommunications, defense or medicine. This company comes to Leialta in order to undertake a succession situation inside the company, wishing to count on the services of a professionalized business consultancy which can deal the subject both rigorously and delicately.


The customer is told to perform a family business restructuration vial a Total Division of the Company, which would allow them to consider strategic decisions in the future that would ensure the business’s continuity in subjects concerning internal succession. In order to perform the family business restructuration, Leialta managed their adaptation to a tax-neutrality regime that makes it possible for the company to separate its activities, so they can quantify and manage them in a fully independent way.

In the beginning these measures generated a certain amount of disbelief from the customer, who was not aware of the possibility of performing them with an exempt tax regime and in a legal and transparent way. Nevertheless, Temaxel decided to count on Leialta’s professionalism and experience so our consultancy could manage the process in an efficient way and with all the guarantees.


Thanks to this corporate restructuration, now the customers have an objective perception of their company’s value. And what is more important: they can make basic decisions in order to ensure its continuity, without creating unnecessary conflicts and in a logical and coherent way. So today, the company is able to undertake the desired internal succession procces in an efficient and satisfactory way to all parties.

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