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Business Consultancy

Premium-service business consulting within your reach

We are a company specialized in business consulting, with an expert multidisciplinary team that helps societies like yours to professionalize their businesses. Leialta provides business-consulting services to SMEs that demand continuous advice, with an extra value: we keep a close contact with our customers, but our services are Premium. Until now only big corporations could afford this type of consultancy; but now it is available to small and medium-sized companies. We provide advice and value-added services, making them accessible to your business. Surely, this is what you were looking for and had not been able to find till now.

How our business-consulting services differ from others

We provide added value. Traditional processing agencies do not offer our service level or the wide range of the areas we work in, with specialized professionals for each of them: corporate restructuring operations, social consultancy, comprehensive diagnosis of corporate groups and individual companies, comprehensive advice on purchase/sale of companies…

We understand your expectations. We know that family business leaders are better and better trained and require advisers with improved, quick and professional responsiveness, just like the one provided by our business-consulting services.

We are strong, but not giants. Our size is perfect to provide you with a professional service, with all the advantages of a big company but much lower fees. And at the same time, without the well-known disadvantages of small agencies.

What we mean by ‘providing added value’

In Leialta, all our customers are unique and special. This is why we do not put you off when you ask for advice: we comply with deadlines, double-check your documents and commit ourselves to answer your questions within 12 to 24 hours.

How we do it

There are no magic formulas. The key to the service level we can provide is our human team. It is of the utmost importance for our business-consulting services. Our company success lies in their individual and team work, because our specialized professionals have the knowledge that we pass on to the customer. Their professional skills are at the highest level; so is their self-commitment. In Leialta, we like work well done.

Moreover, we have the ultimate technology to reduce our work’s run time. It is essential if we want our business-consulting professionals to focus in what really counts. In order to accomplish that, we have specific computer programs that help companies manage relevant areas such as Human Resources in a comprehensive way. Combined with expert advice, these programs make up the perfect tools for the managers of small and medium-size companies. Not having to spend the bulk of the time in managing human resources, but in creating business… That is providing added value!

Leialta’s equation is, as you can see, quite simple: Specialized Professionals + Innovative Managing Programs + Advice availability. These are the tools we use to help you professionalize and consolidate your business.

Do you need a diagnosis of your business?

Philosophy and Values

We believe that the key to the competitiveness of companies is their professionalization at all levels and to be able to achieve it, companies …

Our Methodology

Our work methodology, regardless of the advisory service we provide to our clients, has the pattern …