Accounting Consultancy

Our expert team in Counseling in Madrid

We are an accounting consultancy in Spain with qualified professionals specialized in their respective work areas. In our daily experience with new customers, we often find outdated or badly managed accounts which do not make it possible for entrepreneurs to make right and on-time decisions.

Those small agencies that managed the business’s accounts for some time (maybe handed down from the time when the business was managed by its first owner and founder) might not be ready to provide those services essential for a modern entrepreneur any more.

Accounting consultancy with full readiness

Specialized and committed professionals, with a personalized treatment to each client.

Long career and experience in the field of accounting advice for companies.

Accounting management and monthly or quarterly closures.

Analytics software that allows you to keep cost accounting.

Accounting consultancy in Spain with cost-benefit analysis by areas

At Leialta we have solutions in accounting consultancy in Madrid

Against this disturbing background (paying a low-cost but inefficient service, that is, you cannot count on it), the entrepreneur faces the need of making a qualitative leap and choose an accounting consultancy in Spain that keeps the general accounts up to date and carry out the monthly or quarterly closings. A consultancy that does these tasks in the most satisfactory manner for the customer’s interests, but in accordance with the law. Is this asking for too much…?

Surely it is not… In Leialta we achieve these goals by working with specialized and committed professionals, with a reasonable workload that lets them spend a recurring an exclusive time with each customer, which means much more than just meeting the deadline to present the accounts…

Moreover, we are an accounting consultancy in Spain that practices what is known as “cost” or “analytic” accounting. This concept involves a more advanced bookkeeping, richer in operative information than the mere financial accounting. This allows us to generate an internal analysis of the business’s profitability, with separated information for each one of the activity areas.

Currently Leialta counts on analytical-complexity software that makes it possible to keep the cost accountancy, and can be installed in the customer’s business under the supervision of the accounting technicians of Leialta.

Our team of experts in accounting consultancy

There are no magic formulas for Leialta to achieve what others cannot. Our accounting consultancy in Spain charges higher prices than a standard consulting agency, so you can have at your disposal a better-qualified human team, more responsible and with an adequate workload. Our quality service and personal attention are undoubtedly our differentiating factors. And our satisfied customers are the best proof that the investment is worth of it (you can read our success stories below).

Our accounting department is conducted by a team leader that transmits confidence to our customer, ensures his bookkeeping is always monitored and his tax returns filed on time, and facilitates him valuable data that can help him to make important decisions for his business. A dispassionate vision by external professionals, but committed with his business, can provide the customer with a different perspective.

The professionals in Leialta are graduated in their respective areas and have long careers and experience in the business-consulting field. They also work as a team with the rest of the areas in order to provide the customer with custom-made and comprehensive solutions.

If you are looking for a quality service which matches up to your business, do not hesitate. We are the best choice if you need an affordable family-business-specialized accounting consultancy in Spain.

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