Legal Consultancy

All the team specialized in the legal and commercial service for your companyLeialta has a commercial and legal consulting service to advice all our customers, as we have found it is a common lack in the type of business-consulting services provided by many managers and consultants. When making a diagnosis of our new customers’ business, we usually find the following situations:

Customers with companies whose commercial obligations (such as keeping shareholder registers and minute books) are no up to date.

Customers who cannot undertake any activity likely to be inscribed in the Commercial Register, with the prejudice this could cause to the company itself.

Customers who have stopped reclaiming certain issues related to default payments, patent rights, etc. because their lifelong consultancy had no lawyers in their staff. As they were not able to solve the customer’s tax-related doubts, they had to request this service to independent providers (and they do not fully rely on them).

The consequences of such absurdity are many, and they all have a negative impact on the business… For instance, when there has been no constant monitoring of the commercial tasks. Though they must usually be filled once a year, the business’s commercial tasks are normally forgotten due to a lack of knowledge, and because they do not involve serious penalties from the Commercial Register. But this is a mistake that a good commercial and legal consulting service can easily prevent. Equally, as they do not have any lawyer in their staff, traditional consultancies cannot provide legal aid and advice in key questions such as contracting customers and suppliers; in practice, important clauses can be discarded and this can cause serious problems in the future.

Commercial and legal consulting service for a comprehensive business consultancy

Our purpose is that our clients are calm with the annual obligations.

We have legal advice to deal with internal and external issues.

We provide services of timely commercial advice, drafting of general and special powers.

We manage communication with public or private third parties, presentation of books of the Society, among others.

With Leialta you will cover all the legal and mercantile obligations of your company

We take our customer’s obligations and legal problems very seriously

In Leialta, we take our customer’s obligations very seriously, and do the same with those problems that can be solved by legal means. And we do it through a prompt commercial and legal consulting service. Our aim is that the customer becomes aware that his business has a yearly legal obligation to fulfill and report to a third part, and that he will have legal advice available in his daily routine so he can deal with all the internal and external issues. As an integral business consultancy, we provide this service with the same care and attention as we do with other services.

A legal and commercial consulting service with added value

Leialta offers added value with the legal and commercial service to your company

The aim of the legal and commercial consulting service we provide as a business consultancy is to keep up to date all the recurring obligations of our customers, such as the shareholder register, the minute book and the sole-shareholder register, and their submission to the Commercial Register. We also manage our customer’s day-to-day incidences which could require legal advice.

In the matter of legal-commercial assistance, Leialta provides the following recurring services in the business’ daily routine:

Prompt commercial advice during the ordinary traffic of the company’s or corporate group’s activities. For instance, we draw up and review standard contracts with customers and providers, etc.

Review of current statutes, assessing the suitability of updating them to the new Ley de Sociedades de Capital (Law of Capital Companies), including specific clauses (corporate unblocking, shareholder agreement, etc.).

Drafting of general and special powers, needed for the recurring management of the company in the future.

Communication management aimed to private or public third parties, regarding all types of commercial operations such as Notary, Commercial Register, Land Register, etc. operations.

Commercial management of minor operations such as Capital Increases, capital decreases, etc.

Submission of the company records, shareholder register, minutes, sole-shareholder register, annual accounts and official records.

Preparation of administrative procedures in order to manage the customers’ default.


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