Labor Consultancy

Our expert team in Labor Consultancy in Madrid

A labor consultancy in Spain which manages your business’s human resources in a comprehensive and efficient manner? It is not a dream. It is a reality that will eventually help the entrepreneur to relieve the burden of managing his staff without the adequate resources.

With a modern and custom-made labor consulting service, you will put an end to the manager’s constant interference, automate the most cumbersome tasks and improve the communication between the workers and the company. And you will achieve these goals without making drastic changes in the company’s organization.

Labor consultancy in Spain for an efficient HR management

In Leialta we have a team specialized in labor counseling.

We have a reference consultant in all areas of labor counseling.

Payroll management and relationship with Social Security, processing of registrations, withdrawals.

Learn about Leialta’s powerful HR management tool

Integral HR management for your business

In Leialta we have solutions in Labor consultancy in Madrid

In Leialta we have a labor-consulting expert team. Our integral service fulfills the recurring needs inherent to companies, but also those specific situations that require highly-qualified professionals. We are a payroll-service provider and a lead consultant in all the areas related to labor-consulting services in Madrid.

In order to perform all the recurring tasks we are equipped with different professional software solutions (a3asesor/RRHH y a3asesor/NOM) that allow your business to save time in those tasks with lower added value (data entry, synchronization with cost and financial accounting). Online cutting-edge technology with no installation, buying costs, implementation or maintenance. All included.

This way, the time saved by leaving those recurring tasks to technologic solutions (which perform them better than anybody) is used by Leialta’s professionals to focus on what really matters in the labor consulting area: reviewing the entered data, fulfilling the agreement, modifying contracts, etc.

Our team of experts in Labor Consultancy in Madrid

Unfortunately, the labor consulting area of our business consultancy in Spain attends many customers who have suffered the lack of professionalism of their former providers, usually small consultancies. The reasons that make them come to us are their desire to prevent inconveniences such as penalties, delays in payroll payments, bad atmosphere in the working environment, confidential information crossover, inspections and other issues. We understand that HR management involves doing many tasks that take the entrepreneur’s time away. To help you unload from them is our mission.

Areas covered by our labor consulting service

In Leialta we cover the areas in the labor consultancy in Madrid

Our labor consulting service in Madrid includes all the features that Leialta’s customers could need in order to manage their human resources in an efficient way. Basically, there are three action areas covered by our labor consulting service:

  1. Payroll management and relationships with the Social Security. We unload the business from recurring tasks that take too much time to manage.
  2. Negotiation of admittances, dismissal and contracts and transferring the subsequent information to the Social Security.
  3. Integral HR management with an easy-to-use computer tool which includes: staff and payrolls management, employee portal, continuous training, staff selection and evaluation.

Leialta’s labor consulting service in Spain has a free and easy-to-use application that we implement in our customer’s companies in a custom-made manner. Discover the services provided by the powerful integral HR management tool that Leialta, our Family business consultancy, places at your disposal:

Payroll management serviceStaff variation serviceIntegral HR management

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