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The best tax advice in Madrid with Leialta

The general profile of the standard manager is not valid any more for growing business whose owners realize they need better specialized advice on taxes. If the worst come to the worst, our tax consultancy in Spain attends customers who have faced serious administrative penalties because of their manager’s bad praxis.

Penalties directly derived from a bad tax advice that the customer pays without knowing the reason why, thinking it is because of the Treasury’s inherent animosity and not of his manager’s malpractice…  At best, our customer will have been working with managers who are not aware of the advantages that companies can legally get in order to improve their tax burden and protect their family-corporate assets.

In the field of tax consultancy, the entrepreneur must always count on the best professionals available. There is so much to gain or lose… A good tax advice is a key element to lead the company towards its goals. And the tax savings make a custom-made Premium service worthwhile for many entrepreneurs.

If you can identify any of these problems in the services provided by your consultancy, it is time to look for a solution…

  • Out-of-date accounts.
  • Delay in delivery of balance sheets.
  • Lack of knowledge of what your tax payments are until the very last moment.
  • Lack of professionals that can advise you about complex tax issues…

As a Business consulting company, we have professionals specialized in different areas at your disposal. They will assist your business in a bespoke and professional way. Our tax experts can fill these gaps and actually help you foresee all the questions related with your business’s tax payments.

Tax consultancy in Spain with Premium services for business like yours

A professional tax advice in all areas.

We plan, prepare and present all taxes.

We are specialized in fiscal consolidation.

Proactive advice on the best options for tax savings.

Value of our tax consulting services in Spain

We offer you an additional value in tax advice in Madrid

A professional tax advice on every field, especially in matters of VAT and corporate income tax, is the solution we offer to all the entrepreneurs who come to us looking for assistance in their problems with the Treasury. We have tax-specialized methodology and can suggest tailored solutions for our customers. Moreover, all our staff has specific training in tax matters.

Our tax consulting service in Madrid includes a series of values that can be transferred to these three statements:

  1. We plan, prepare and fill all the corporate taxes in time and form, concerning direct and indirect taxation, VAT, AJD, ITP, Corporate Income Tax, successions and donations, etc.
  2. We are specialized in tax consolidation. We advice Holding Companies or help you set one up with your business. Our aim is to compensate a subsidiary company’s negative tax bases with the positive tax bases of other branches (all belonging to the same corporate group), both for direct (Corporate Income Tax) and indirect (VAT) taxations. The economic impact is immediate, as the corporate group’s loses and gains are compensated.
  3. We perform a proactive tax advice focused on improving your fiscal year’s results. Our approach is proactive. We do not confine ourselves in observing the law, but also review every customer’s tax policies in order to detect structural weaknesses and potential opportunities that can help us assist the company in improving their tax year’s outcome.

The feature that distinguishes our tax consulting service from traditional consultancies

In Leialta we have a differentiating factor in tax advice

The tax consulting service in Spain is in a great demand from the companies. Nevertheless, there are less and less tax consultancies that make a professional, serious and honest work. The reason for this is mainly that most consultancies have a scant structure: they lack experts specialized in different areas, and the ones they have get loaded with all kind of tasks…With such workload, they are not able to spent the necessary time with each customer.

The consequences of leaving a business’s taxation in the hand of a small consultancy, if you have experienced them, are fatal for the company. All entrepreneurs who have been sanctioned because their tax manager filled their tax returns incorrectly (or after the deadline) know what we are talking about.

In Leialta we meet the demands and answer the specialized questions in a short period of time, and keep a close and fluid contact with the customer. This distinguishes us from the profile of the traditional small manager and also from big consultancies, which practice a dehumanized communication with their customers.

We have a personalized service in tax advice in Madrid

What we can do for your

Leialta reviews each case thoroughly in order to provide a custom-made tax consulting service.

Our tax consulting service in Spain will do the following tasks for you:

  • Preparation and filing of all kinds of tax returns, both national and provincial.
  • Providing proactive advice about the best options for tax savings.

Active assistance in the case of a visit of the tax-inspection authorities or when applying for judicial review.

Do you need a diagnosis in Tax Advice?

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