Family Business Consultancy

Family business consulting with added-value services

Family business consulting is one of the added-value services most demanded by our customers. The problems inherent to family businesses are not alien to us. In Leialta we are aware of family companies’ solidity and reliability, of their relevant role in national economies, of the coherence and the transmission of values related to their legacy… But we are also aware of their special features and can help you to manage the inner problems that can affect the business and the family relationships. We can help you lead the way to your retirement, to a possible sale of the company or to any other issues you could raise.

An ultimate solution for family-business internal conflicts

Solutions specialized in consulting family business with Leialta

We have assisted many family businesses with their professionalization and have helped then solve their inner conflicts. This is why we can transfer our expert knowledge as a family-business consulting company to you. If there is a field especially prone to take advantage of professional, secure and stable management, that is family business.

You will not stand alone with your future problems and doubts. We are specialized in managing all the possible conflicts that could arise when developing your business, and will advise you on the best chances that can present themselves in the future if you are already thinking of your retirement, the succession or the sale of the business. Among our customers there are many companies that currently manage their activity and family relationships in an efficient and organized way, with game rules which are clear to everybody, thanks to our support and expert advice as a family-business consulting company.

How we solve what others cannot

The family business consultancy we solve it in the best way in Leialta

Our team includes professionals specialized in the family-business consulting area who can help the entrepreneur and the successor to establish patterns which will make the company succession as painless as possible.

We advise family business in crucial features such:

  Family Protocol. This is about establishing rules in the family business which bind partners to respect them, and which guarantee that the family business will continue in the future, preventing the partners’ abusive intrusion from leading the family business to its end.

  Restructuring Operation. In Leialta we assist companies with the reorganization of their commercial structures, in order to guarantee a professional management of all their activities. We perform restructuring operations such as divisions of patrimony (comprehensive or partial), which reduce business risk by dividing the business in activity branches (creation of corporate groups) and thus protecting the family’s real state and property.

  Consulting services for the sale of businesses.  We accompany entrepreneurs when managing the sale of a business and explain them which are the basic steps to carry the sale through successfully, from the beginning to the end. We defend the best possible price against a possible purchaser. And we guarantee full confidentiality.

  Holding or Parent Company. The creation of a Holding Company guarantees an optimal economic and tax management of the corporate group. This structure offers relevant tax advantages to the corporate group.

Head of the family business consulting area

In Leialta we have a person in charge in the area of Business Advice

Paul Urrutia

Founding Partner

A professional team that can handle complex operations successfully

Gestiones exitosas con el equipo de Leialta en consultoría de empresa familiar

Leialta is a family-business consulting agency with extensive experience. We provide active-listening services, advice, support and solutions for the real problems that affect all companies. And we do it after an in-depth study of the situation which allows us to provide you with optimal law, familiar and tax solutions.

We count on a young team of qualified and experienced professionals specialized in family business consulting, who can manage successfully the delicate relationships established in this type of business. All the entrepreneurs will find the desired advice and support in our professionals, both in the law and tax areas and in the field of inner family relationships. This is quite a complex area with its own features, difficult to understand by people who are not aware of family business’s special idiosyncrasy.

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