Company Valuation

Our business valuation service allows you to value the cost of your company

Do you need a company valuation so you can know your business’s value? Are you tired of enquiring how much are your competitors asking for their business? Do you really think it will be easy to find out the market value by yourself…? Do you believe a serious investor is going to trust what you are telling him? Do you need a company-valuation expert who can explain your business’s value to potential buyers?

Do not hesitate: company valuation is a complex task, and you need to see professionals who can conduct it in a rigorous and dispassionate way. Leaving the valuation in the hands of family-business consulting experts is the first step to find investors willing to pay what your company really costs, according to your expectations and without concerns.

Company valuation by experts in family-business consulting

The main mistake you can make is to think that you can close the sale without advice.

At Leialta, we are experts in the valuation of family businesses.

We make a rigorous study of the market and the company itself, as well as the competition.

Realizamos una investigación o revisión en profundidad de uno o varios aspectos de una sociedad.

Sell your business with full guarantees

The business valuation service gives you guarantees in the sale of your company

We often find a type of entrepreneur who has already decided to sell his businesses, but does not know where to start or which steps to take. The main mistake he can make is thinking that he can close on the sale without any professional advice. In these cases, there is such a big emotional implication that a misstep can spoil the negotiation or he can eventually be convinced to sell his business for less.

A recurring situation (which we have seen many times) occurs when an entrepreneur interested in selling his business does not chooses the right potential buyer, so he could be handling confidential information to a competitor. With this information, the competitor could take the seller’s customers with him with the subsequent negative repercussions on the seller’s business.

In Leialta we are experts in family-business valuation. We provide a first approach of the company’s value according to objective data and after a thorough comparison with other corporate operations closed during the last twelve months, considering the value paid for business with identical activity. Thanks to our advice and intervention, we have performed dozens of successful operations after a job well done. The sale of businesses demands expert knowledge and can never be assumed independently, or left in the hand of small consulting agencies or unskilled business-consulting companies.

We accompany you throughout the process of business valuation until the end

Company valuation after a detailed study

We draft a thorough study of the market and the own company, and a research of competitors and possible investors. Our experience in sales of businesses and the previous negotiation comes from long ago, with many success stories that endorse our work. The outcome of such valuation always gives a real figure, as we take in consideration all the relevant features that can affect the sale of a business and audit the accounts thoroughly.

We tell you step by step the entire process of business valuation

Our business-valuation service, step by step

  1. Elaboration of a first commercial document with the customer’s main figures and relevant business information.
  2. Signature of the confidentiality agreement.
  3. Management of the first letter of intent.
  4. Due Diligence procedure: assistance to the customer in the delivery of documentation to the potential buyer.
  5. Elaboration of the sales contract.
  6. Formalization of the sale of the company in a public deed before a Notary.

You will need professional arguments when you want sell your business

In Leialta we perform company valuations after a Due Diligence procedure, which stands for a more diligent audit or review. It is a thorough research of review of one or more aspects inside a company (commercial, legal, financial…). A serious company valuation conducted through a Due Diligence lets every possible buyer verify the transparency of the provided information. For the entrepreneur-seller, it is surely a professional argument that transmits added value and integrity.

The professionals in Leialta will conduct an audit of your company using the team’s knowledge and experiencia, with the right professional tools which will help them give an expert opinion. With Leialta, the sale of your business will always be conducted safely as you will be advised by the best experts in company valuation.

Do you need more information about the valuation of your company?

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