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Corporate Restructuring

If your current manager has not been able to identify the right commercial structures for your company, the ones which would get you a series of relevant tax and patrimonial advantages, you might be incurring unnecessary tax costs without being aware of it. Maybe it is high time to change… your advisor and perform a corporate restructuring, with the due support.

Afer the Initial Diagnosis, in Leialta we will be able to provide our costumer with a series of improvements for his corporate structure, which are also tax improvements.  These are not standard actions, but custom-made steps for each customer of our Family business consulting agencyIn many cases, corporate restructuring operations make it possible for businesses to get strategically ready before the chance of a future sale/merging of the business, or the entry of a new shareholder.

Corporate restructuring for a quiet and relaxed growth

We have specialists in the restructuring of family businesses.

Professionals in all areas provide you with accounting, legal, and tax advice.

A single interlocutor of the process of restructuring the company.

Monitoring in real time and online, through a computer tool.

In Leialta we are specialized in family-business restructuring operations. We identify the customer’s needs in matters of taxations, partners, successions and donations, and suggest an improvement of the corporate structure which involves a series of advantages that the customer had not identified before meeting us.

In order to accomplish this, we count on a team of professionals specialized in all the areas involved in these operations. They can provide you with the all accounting, law, tax, etc. advice you need.

What is our difference

There are many features that make a difference between our company and other business consulting companies specialized in corporate restructuring, which could be too big or too small for your business’s specific needs. In Leialta we guarantee you the following services:

  • A single interlocutor in the company-restructuring process. The whole process is managed by one of the agency partners, from the beginning of the operation concerned to the end.
  • Intensive monitoring of the task list provided to the client. We provide a task list which we follow in exactly, covering all the steps of the operation concerned.

Do you want to increase productivity? Or to reinforce your competitiveness in the international market…?

As well as professionalizing your business, corporate restructuring involves relevant tax savings and makes your company improve its productivity and reinforce its competitiveness in the international market (if you wish, you can read more about the benefits of corporate restructuring).

There are many reasons that could lead entrepreneurs to perform a corporate-restructuring operation, but we can highlight the following:

  • Expansion/acquisition of market share
  • Change of commercial strategy
  • Maximum use of tax losses
  • Regulatory reasons
  • Division of different business
  • Making independent investment decisions
  • Restructuring and streamlining activities in order to gain efficiency in the own business
  • Making easier the task of getting the right funding for each activity type.

This is about identifying the customer’s initial requirement after an initial diagnosis. From then on we will suggest a better corporate structure which will provide him or her advantages not known until now, from the tax and real-estate point of view, through the creation of a Holding Company, real estate company, merger, etc.

From the very first moment, the customer will work with a team of two professionals to plan and perform the corporate operation concerned. They will provide the customer a task list to be performed with the operation’s requirements, covering commercial, tax, administrative, labor and accounting areas.

Do you want to increase the productivity of your company?