The division of companies is a service provided by Leialta that you would need if you were in one of these situations:

You want to protect the corporate assets, whether it is the industrial warehouse or other immovable properties you could have inside the company and do not want to be exposed to the parent business’s risk.

You want to sell your company but the buyer is not interested in the business’s immovable properties, which have no connection with the business activity.

You are worried a bad streak in business could make you settle with all the assets inside the Company. If there should be an arrangement with creditors, you could lose all the historic corporate assets.

These assets have usually been generated inside the company via real-estate properties, industrial warehouses etc. This is a relevant accumulated wealth that you will want to preserve: today the Law lets us separate such assets and protect them at the same time.

These corporate savings can turn into a real risk if the company is not doing well. This operation is conceived precisely to distinguish clear independent assets, and protect these family/corporate assets from the business’s own risk.

Division of companies: the solution that supports your business

Fiscally efficient advice by a business consultancy to carry out the spin-off of companies.

We have a department that is exclusively dedicated to propose this type of operations.

Protect the historical heritage of the company and be available to sell your business to a third party.

At Leialta we know how to advise you from all the areas involved to carry out this operation.

Our expert team in the division of companies will make a study of your company

In Leialta we emphasize the need of counting on efficient tax advice given by a business-consulting company, in order to perform complex operations such as the division of companies. Only those consultancies with qualified and well-trained staff can assume this type of operations. In Leialta we have ad-hoc training programs for these operations. And we have a specific department to propose these operations.

Why should a division of companies be performed

In the business world, it is not interesting top ut all the eggs in the same basket. With this operation I can:

  • Protect the corporate assets and cover my savings from business risks.
  • Be free to sell my business to a third person and have one egg in each basket, so I can sell my company.
  • Get more advantageous bank finance from the real-estate Company.

The professionals of Leialta will accompany you in the process of creating a heritage company

We accompany you through the process of setting up an asset-holding company

One of the business-consulting services provided by Leialta is precisely the division of companies, performed to prevent you from running the risks stated before. We help our customers to perform total or partial asset divisions. The solution is setting up a new asset-holding company that takes over the real-estate properties (the only requirement to avoid paying taxes is that the company is active).

It is essential that the task is performed by a consultancy company specialized in family business, that has wrestled with many division of companies for other customers before. In Leialta we can advise you from all the concerned areas in order to perform this operation in a legal and transparent way, and which of course will benefit your interests. In Leialta we accompany you through the whole process, from the beginning to the end.

Our team of experts will take you step by step the operation of division of companies

The company-division operation, step by step

The work done by Leialta in order to perform the division of a company is a complex process that involves the participation of different experts in the commercial, legal, accounting and tax matters that affect the operation.

Grosso modo, these are the steps entailing the operation:

  1. Analysis of the company to determine if there is a real need of an asset-restructuring operation, and if the requirements to apply the special tax-neutrality regime are fulfilled.
  2. Drafting a budget and acceptance of the proposal by the customer.
  3. Delivering a checklist with tasks and dates.
  4. Preparation of a legal and tax draft.
  5. Preparation of exempt taxes in the corresponding Community.
  6. Management of the procedures concerning the Notary, the Commercial Register and the Land Registration until the final inscription.
  7. Development and delivery of a memorandum of operation.

In Leialta we take over all the tasks inherent to the division of companies so you can just take care of your business’s performance.

Do you want to protect the assets of your company?

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