Buying or selling property in Spain

Procedures for buying or selling property in Spain

Through our Real Estate service, we can help you with the paperwork connected with buying or selling property in Spain if you live abroad. We know that on many occasions either a lack of knowledge concerning Spanish laws on real estate, or the physical distance or the communication problems due to poor language skills have made this a difficult task.

If you live abroad and wish to buy property in Spain (as a home, as an investment, in order to obtain a Golden visa, or such like), or if, on the contrary, you wish to sell a property that you own in Spain, in Leialta you can count on a team of experts who can help you with these procedures.

Buy or sell your property in Spain from abroad

Cómo comprar o vender tu vivienda en España desde el extranjeroLeialta puts at your disposal a Spanish firm specialized in real estate law to help you with your paperwork as you buy or sell a property here. All of our lawyers are bilingual in Spanish and English, thus removing any language barrier. Leialta’s team will act in name and representation of a client in Spain throughout the whole procedure, thus avoiding the requirement to come to Spain during the property acquisition or sale process.

Knowledge and experience to help you make the best decision about your property

Buying and selling property is an important and delicate matter, for which clear advice is required. It is important to control all legal and tax aspects, as well as look into any charges or defects that a property might have, its ownership, the warranties, etc.

At Leialta we offer our knowledge and experience in real estate matters, of a tax and civil nature, to guarantee success in any property sale or purchase operation.  You will feel confident and calm in your decision making without having to travel abroad throughout the procedure.

Due Diligence in analysing all aspects of the property:

The initial consultation that we carry out is vital, as it is through carrying out due diligence on a property that we can look at all aspects such as: charges, defects, ownership, if payments are up to date (local property taxes such as the Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles – IBI; or community fees etc) among with other aspects inherent to this type of operation.

Head of the Real Estate area

Representante ante la CNMV

José María Luna

Manager of the legal department

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How Leialta can help with property sale and purchase procedures from abroad

Cómo te ayuda Leialta con los trámites para comprar o vender tu vivienda desde el extranjero

We have an established methodology at Leialta in order to carry out sale and purchase procedures of properties in Spain whilst living abroad

  • We carry out our initial due diligence on the property in mind.
  • We arrange a power of attorney to act in the name of the client in Spain.
  • We draw up, negotiate and sign an arras contract.
  • We advise our client on how to make payment (we even offer a cash handling service, if required)
  • We appear before a Notary Public and sign the public deed of sale.
  • We collect the Notarial deed and register the change of ownership at the Properties Register.
  • We arrange the change of ownership at the Cadastral Registry
  • We contract utilities services such as water and electricity.
  • We send the client all the documentation relating to the property’s sale or purchase proceedings.
  • We provide ad hoc advice to the client on any aspect relating to the sale purchase operation.

You will find in us an expert team of lawyers specialized in real estate sale and purchase procedures, who have taken part in similar such operations on numerous occasions. This provides you with security when buying or selling your home in Spain from abroad. Furthermore, Leialta offers the added value of being bilingual in English and Spanish, which really helps with all communications.

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