Representative before the CNMC

We are pleased to offer support to foreign companies operating in Spain through a representation service before the CNMC. Many companies are required to register with, or receive authorization from, the CNMC and, in order to do so, must appoint a legal representative resident in Spanish territory. This often causes a problem because it isn’t always easy to find an individual or a company that is willing to take on these obligations. There is no need to worry, though, because at Leialta we are used to acting as legal representatives for non-resident third parties and we have a lot of experience behind us.

Representing non-resident companies before the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC)

Avoid problems such as not being able to obtain CNMC registration or authorization.

Specialized team with extensive experience as legal representative for companies.

The CNMC gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you can forget about the paperwork and paperwork.

Experience and professionalism working as legal representatives before the CNMC

Experiencia y profesionalidad en el servicio de representante ante la CNMC

Experience and professionalism are two key elements to success when appointing a legal representative to act before the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), in order to comply with stipulated deadlines that you have set in order to begin operating in Spain. A lack of knowledge or bad advice concerning the right paperwork or requirements that need to be presented to the CNMC can lead to the legal representative being rejected at the first instance. This is nothing more than a waste of time, with rectifications required, new documentation generated and delays while these are approved.

Foreign companies avoid problems such as not obtaining registration or authorization from the CNMC by appointing Leialta as a legal representative before that body. Without obtaining this registration or authorization from the CNMC these foreign companies would not be able to undertake any economic activities in Spain and leave them vulnerable to fines or sanctions from the Spanish National Commission of Markets and Competition. Legal representatives must remain alert for any notifications from the CNMC and also keep clients informed about taxes to be paid.

A fully guaranteed legal representative to act on your behalf before the CNMC

With Leialta you can be sure to count on a specialized team of experts with ample experience in representing non-resident foreign companies, as well as many Spanish companies, who begin operating in Spain and need to register their activities with the CNMC and, therefore, are obliged to appoint a legal representative before this National Commission of Markets and Competition. Appointing Leialta and partners to represent your company’s activities in Spain before the CNMC is a secure move. You will find support in a firm that has wide knowledge of these matters, much experience and complete control which thus allows them to carry out this role to perfection.

We are certain that everything will work out smoothly, with any possible incident or problem avoided, due to the fact that Leialta works as a legal representative for many foreign companies before the CNMC and the National Securities Market Commission – CNMV. This has led us to have complete knowledge of all the requirements and steps, what types of processes, what deadlines, etc.

Representative before the CNMC

Representante ante la CNMV

José María Luna

Manager of the legal department

La tranquilidad de saber que no tienes que preocuparte por nada

The peace of mind that comes from knowing you need not worry about anything

By engaging our services as a legal representative before the CNMC, you will gain peace of mind, knowing you need not worry about anything, that you can forget about the steps and formalities, because we will take care of it all. You will begin operating in Spain on a sure footing.

We are with you every step of the way

By appointing Leialta to represent your company before the CNMC, you will feel guided and supported at every step of the way as you set up your business in Spain. In order to appoint a legal representative before the CNMC, it is a good idea to follow this plan and take the following steps:

If the company does not have a Spanish tax identity card (NIF), we will carry out the procedures to obtain one.

  • The next step is to obtain a digital certificate for the company.
  • We draw up a Power of Attorney where Leialta is named as the legal representative of the company before the CNMC.
  • This Power of Attorney should cover a series of formalities that we will indicate.
  • We then draw up and sign a statement of compliance on the part of the legal representative of the company, which in this case in Leialta.
  • We file all the required documents with the CNMC.
  • The decision from the CNMC will be sent to us confirming that everything is in order.

Feel safe in the knowledge that you have an expert consultancy agency acting on your behalf before the CNMC, specialized in these types of services.

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