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Representative to the CNMV

Representative of foreign investors to the CNMV

Leialta acts as a representative to the CNMV (National Securities Market Commission) for those companies located out of Spain that wish to invest in our country and need that figure in Spain so they can communicate with the securities market’s authorities. Leialta’s service as a representative to the CNMV consists on becoming those companies’ proxy to manage the communications with the Commission and the payment of taxes.

These are customers not residing in Spain who come from Anglo-Saxon countries or speak English. They usually come from the United Kindgom, the USA, etc. and have to pay taxes in Spain, so they need a figure who can do this for them.

When do I need a representative to the CNMV?

The Spanish law requires that the representation to the National Securities Market Commission of taxpayers who do not reside in Spain is exercised by a representative to the CNMV in national territory, by expressing so in these terms:

“The CNMV taxpayers who are not residing in Spain will have to appoint a representative in Spain to pay the CNMV taxes, by filling the Representation Agreement form in the terms established in the Article 6 of the 16/2014 Law of the 30th of September, by which CNMV taxes are regulated”.

Our experience in representing foreign investors to the CNMV (often foreign brokers who attract investments in Spain via online) allows us to provide a service which matches up to the most demanding customers’ requirements.

Our specialized professionals

Leialta professionals in this area are expert lawyers who can speak perfect English, and can manage the due communications to the CNMV in time and form. We keep a close and fluid contact with our customers and strictly accomplish our duty by informing the CNMV’s competent body about the completion of tax-payment deadlines, and about the way in which they can complete them.

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