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Setting up a Business in Spain

Setting up a business in Spain with no complications and with all the guarantees

Are you considering setting up a business in Spain, but cannot find a business consultancy you can communicate in English with? Do you need expert advice to identify the right structure before setting up a business in Spain…?

Creating a business in Spain is a great option for any foreign companies attracted by our country, where they can invest with legal and economic certainty, and often with favorable tax conditions. But the procedure can be complex if you are not familiarized with the Spanish law and its area specifications, or with the bureaucratic mechanisms of our country.

Maybe the problem is that you cannot find the right business consultancy…? We understand you.

Non-residing small or medium companies usually find it hard to get a business consultancy they can communicate in English with, and that can advise them about the most adequate structure for setting up a business in Spain, according to the operations they wish the implant in our country (through a branch or subsidiary company) from the commercial point of view.

If you are looking for English-spoken professional advice, but there is now way you can afford the fees of big international business consultancies operating in Spain; if you are thinking of creating a business in Spain and need to communicate with a business consultancy which has experience in these field and in a language you can understand, here we are. We offer you affordable fees, considering the highly-professional services we provide. With Leialta, you can be sure of getting a quick response for your requirements, something we think is crucial in order to establish the initial relationship of trust. We really understand that you want to establish ASAP, and the logic unrest caused by operating in a country you do not know well…

Which are the options when setting up a business in Spain? Which is the best for you?

Our service for setting up business in Spain includes a study prior to the constitution of the company. But what is exactly this service? Before creating a business in Spain, it is basic to consider the existing options related to the setting up of business. Our advice answers the following questions:

  1. What company type is best for you? Do you need a branch or a subsidiary company? A tailored analysis with a memorandum will help you decide, guided by Leialta, the type of company you must chose according to your interests.
  2. Do you only need tax and legal representation? Don’t you want to change your residence? If you are not provided with the minimum structure to operate, you need to count on Leialta’s efficient and reliable tax representation service.
  3. Will it take you months before you can open a bank account in our country, because your business’s form is not that of a public limited or private limited company? Leialta has a Cash Handling or treasury service, available for our customers, that you can use to make the payroll, tax, trade, etc. payments in a legal and immediate way.

An English-speaking professional team at your service

In Leialta we know how important it is to get the right initial advice when setting up a business in Spain. First, it is essential to thoroughly analyze the best possible structure for each newly-set-up company. This is not a standard service, but it consists on finding the right company type for each customer, according to his needs. In Leialta we look for an ad-hoc solution for each one of our non-residing customers who come to us thinking of creating a business in Spain.

Are you thinking of registering a company in our country? If you are considering creating a business in Spain, do not hesitate to contact our experts so you can get professional advice during the whole process.
We understand what you expect from us: a quick and professional response from the very first moment. We will identify the best structure for your company from a commercial perspective, via branch, subsidiary company or non-permanent establishment, always operating with a CIF (Tax Identification Code) in Spain.
We deal with all the prior legal and tax procedures, and then we provide recurring service in the accounting, tax, labor and administrative areas.

Our human team, qualified and committed, is our main value in order to best perform the creating a businesses in Spain for our foreign customers. We have expert professionals with a high English level, specialized in attending international customers. You can count on us in every moment if you need your doubts to be solved: we commit ourselves to responding your requirements within very short deadlines, so we can provide you with the efficient and competent service you need in order to setting up a business in Spain.

Via our services, our business consultancy assists you from the very first moment during the compulsory procedure for creating a business in Spain, with the necessary flexibility you demand and the required seriousness imposed by Spanish law.

Responsible for the area of business creation in Spain

José María Luna


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