Study prior to the setting up

In Leialta we make a preliminary study to the constitution of your company in Spain

The study prior to the setting up of a business in Spain is not a desirable option, but an essential analysis. It allows you to safeguard your interests in our country and take advantage of the most favorable regulation in tax, labor, etc. matters.

We know that many traditional consultancies are not able to provide this service because of a critical obstacle: the inability of communicating in English with their customers. Moreover, this lack of communication between the parts makes them incur in a series of breaches of their tax, accounting etc. liabilities. An absolute nonsense which you must protect yourself from when setting up a business in Spain.

This study prior to the setting up of a business in Spain involves an active listening of the customer’s requirements, a deep knowledge of the commercial law with all the available legal forms and an accurate analysis to eventually decide which legal form is the best for your society. Not all business consultancies are willing to do this, and the ones who are usually charge exorbitant prices.

Study prior to the setting up of a business in Spain

We commit ourselves to diligently study the peculiarities of your business.

We analyze in depth the whole range of options offered by commercial legislation in Spain.

With our help you will be able to overcome the obstacles of the bureaucracy to set up a business in Spain.

Study of our client’s operations in Spain, with initial commercial and tax advice.

In Leialta we make a detailed study to create a company in Spain

We overcome this obstacle, which can seem insurmountable to the competitors, by working with bilingual professionals with credited training in accounting and tax areas in an international environment. This is our differentiating factor, without incurring in exorbitant fees which could be totally unaffordable for you.

Which legal forms can be more advantageous for your project

In Leialta we commit to study in a diligent way your project’s special features and to listen to your requirements before setting up a business in Spain. This way we can analyze deeply the wide array of options provided by the commercial regulations in Spain and select those legal forms that can seem more advantageous for your specific case. And we present a detailed study in the shape of a memorandum so you can eventually make the right choice, always counting on our advice.

We present a solution tailored to each need to create a company in Spain

A tailored solution for each requirement

Whether you are considering setting up a new business in Spain or if you are looking for legal and tax representation so you can operate with a CIF in Spain, in Leialta we have the right solution which will guarantee your business’s success a priori.

With our help, you will be eventually able to overcome the bureaucratic obstacles and set up a business in Spain so you can focus on what you really do well: developing your company and reaching goals.

Leialta would provide the following services of previous study to create a company Spain

Leialta would provide the following services:

  • Study of our customer’s business operations in the form he wishes it to be implanted in Spain.
  • Preliminary commercial and tax advice aiming to decide the best structure to be implanted in Spain, according to the activity transferred to us by the customer.
  • Signing an agreement with our customer concerning the final structure to be implanted. Creation of a branch or subsidiary company, or operational implementation with registration of CIF.
  • Preparation of the setting up of the Company, development of statutes, public registration before Notary and entry in the Commercial Register.
  • Registration of the non-residing customer’s CIF, and pertinent registration in the VAT so he can operate in Spain.
  • Filing of tax models.
  • Recurring service and advice.

Do you want to know more about the pre-constitution study?

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