Sustainability Reports

We help you to have a greater commitment with the Sustainability Reports for companies

Sustainability reports are documents that help your business spread efficiently its actions in the social and environmental spheres, as well as its financial results (what has been called the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ in business management). As well as being a powerful weapon of communication, they benefit the company internally; they make it possible for the company to be aware of the impact of its actions and to asses those which involve a potential risk, so a more efficient and transparent management model can be implemented.

By spreading their actions via sustainability reports and promoting good practice, we can enhance the company’s commitment as an agent of social change.

Business sustainability reports: combine reputation and commitment

Our team specialized in social consulting has the experience to generate sustainability reports.

It is an effective method for each company to improve its commitment to sustainable development.

Your company achieves, among others, increased competitiveness and improved reputation.

At Leialta, we generate sustainability reports for your company or group of companies in a professional manner.

Improve the profitability of your company with the Sustainability Reports

Why spreading sustainability reports is a profitable measure

By publishing and spreading sustainability reports, the company gains the following advantages in different fields (among others):

  • Improved competitiveness
  • Improvement of the reputation
  • Response to a social demand
  • Transparent image of the company
  • Creating trust relationships with the different agents involved

In Leialta, we draft professional sustainability reports for your company or corporate group. Our social-consulting team has the necessary experience and knowledge to reaffirm your business’s social commitment and to enhance its reputation.

With Leialta you will not make mistakes with sustainability reports

Common mistakes made by many companies in their sustainability reports

A common mistake among companies is thinking that sustainability reports are just data collections used to eventually draft a report. On the contrary, it is an efficient method for any company to interiorize and enhance their commitment with sustainable development in the terms expressed in their Corporate Social Responsibility plan.

In Leialta we help you generate valuable information to be spread externally, but also to be used as a tool to improve your business’s internal processes. An expert team in this area can solve your doubts in this regard, and help you design a tailored schedule of sustainability reports for your business.

Sustainability reports must be comprehensive and accurate

With Leialta you will have complete and accurate sustainability reports

The last international reference guide is the GRI4 (Global Reporting Initiative 4), drawn up by an independent international organization, and can help entrepreneurs navigate around the CSR world and its communications. But surely, the best choice is to have an expert drafting a rigorous and accurate report, which will provide the best corporate image and promote its transparency. In Leialta we will land on your company so we can familiarize ourselves with your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy at all levels, and make the sustainability reports your company is obliged to under law, or those your are willing to make voluntarily. We have a CSR-specialized team which can help your with sustainability reports.

Do you need to know more about the Sustainability Reports?

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