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Social Consultancy

Social consultancy for business – CSR and Special Employment Centers

In Leialta we have a team specialized in social consulting services, covering the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility, gender perspective and implementation of equality plans, as well as mainstreaming of disability in the business field via Special Employment Centers (SEC), in order to meet the rising demands which society is putting forward to the companies in these areas.

Society is asking for a higher and higher implication from the corporate field, regarding parity, equality and disability. Even so, there are still many companies which, though being really willing to do so, are not able to meet this 21-century challenge by themselves. Our social consulting service is the response to their needs.

Actions with relevant social significance and impact on the company image

Current entrepreneurs cannot ignore their responsibility when managing equality and parity from a gender perspective, and concerning the integration of disabled people in the social environment. Together with public administrations, they are co-protagonists of a change with no precedents in the last decades. They have the duty of promoting this new social culture, as the impact of their actions is much higher than the one of those carried out by other social agents.

With our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and implementation of SEC services, we support the entrepreneur when managing all the equality and disability issues in their own staff and before the whole society, via recurring services provided by a specialized service.

This service provided by Leialta allows companies not only to meet the international standards and the legal requirements established by the Spanish law and regulations, improving their corporate image and reputation with a CSR plan, but also to take a stand in the business network at a higher level: an impeccable attention to the social factor inside the own company does not only reflects its values, but also helps it gain a very interesting competitive advantage.

Comprehensive advice for your business

Leialta’s experts will land on you business and, starting with a preliminary consultancy session, will help you design an equality plan or manage the Corporate Social Responsibility in a comprehensive way. They will also provide you with expert advice on the current regulations concerning the integration of disabled persons in your company, including the required quotas and the advantages you gain. And if you are interested in setting up a Special Employment Center, we have a committed and professional business-consulting specialized human team at your disposal, with a great experience in setting up these work centers.

Our social consulting service is available to listen to your expectations, advise you and design a tailored plan for your business which can help you plan a progressive implementation of the different programs that could place value on the company’s social commitment.

We have two business areas fully specialized in social consultancy: a Corporate Social Responsibility department and Special Employment Centers department. Ask us for advice!

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