Constitution of Foundations

Our specialists will help you create a foundation

Setting up a foundation advised by legal-and-tax law specialists

Setting up a foundation is an altruist action that companies can make in order to give back to society part of what they get from it. They have a favorable tax treatment, get subsidies and aid and help the company to communicate in a more efficient way too.

But they are not companies and do not operate like them. They have to be constituted according to the regulations and have obligations to fulfill, though many entrepreneurs who start creating one are not aware of these features: from the yearly report to the filing of the corporate income tax return, or the VAT exemption application, there are many duties your company should leave in expert hand.

Experts in setting up foundations: comprehensive service

Our integral team, experts in constitution of foundations

In Leialta we have a specific department with experience in setting up foundations, from the beginning to the end. From the goal analysis to its recording in public deeds, we manage all the procedures involved in the constitution of a foundation. We can help you when setting up a foundation in which you will deposit your company’s best values. Moreover, our services aimed to set up a foundation are 360º comprehensive, so we also take care of your foundation’s management, advice and day-to-day needs.

Setting up a foundation is an excellent way of communicating with the society and give it back part of what the company gets from its resources. Bur also, foundations created by companies can benefit from multiple aids and subsidies that will help them hire workers and finance studies and investigations within their action field.

Expert help for the constitution and management of your foundation

We help you in the constitution and management of the foundation

Are you thinking of setting up a foundation for your company without expert advice? Please don’t! You are taking the unnecessary risk of making mistakes that will end with lack of funding for your project… It is not easy to be aware of the stormy administrative channels that turn the constitution of foundations into a success. In Leialta we know how to do it and provide a comprehensive service in this field…

We can help you with the following features:

-Constitution of the foundation:

Analysis of your foundation’s best action areas and their goals.
Application for the foundation’s name and registration in the Foundation Register.
Drafting of the foundation’s statutes and financial envelope.
Recording in public deeds.

-Foundation management:

Recurring obligations.
Design of a foundation account schedule according to the specific regulations.
Labor advice and application for a tax relief when hiring workers.
Advice about formal obligations regarding the Central State Administration and the Autonomous Administration.
Advice in meetings, managements and decision-making within the Foundation Board.

Responsible for the Constitution of Foundations area

In Leialta we have a person in charge in the area of Constitution of Foundations

Juan Carlos Lozar

Director of the SEC area

At Leialta we are experts in the constitution of foundations of business consulting

Leialta’s business consultancy has experts in setting up foundations who perform a preliminary consultancy task in order to make a goal survey, and then suggest themes for the foundation in case the company had not decided about them before. They also will decide which persons will be involved so the structure can meet the defined goals.

Leialta’s professionals involved in setting up a foundation belong to the social-consulting area, a multitask team including social workers, attorneys and equality experts.

Do you need advice to create a foundation?

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