Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Boost your company to the 21st century model with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsiblity: boost your business with the management model of the 21th century

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the keys to professionalize your business and launch it directly to the business management of the 21th century. If you believe that your company is lagging behind in competitive advantage, that old management methods are not valid for the present day and that your business needs to be updated in the fields of structure and corporate values, you need a strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (RSC) plan. The long-term development of social commitment strategies brings many joys to any company (this is proved). We will explain…

First giving, then receiving: social commitment’s added value

Get added value from Corporate Social Responsibility with Leialta

If there is something that the digital transformation and the new Internet environment has taught us, is that ‘first goes giving, then comes receiving’. When applied to business management, this means that showing off a strong social commitment is a differentiating factor in this new era, which provides the company with value and situates it in a better competitive position.

Moreover, globalization has opened the way for those actions performed by companies from thousands of kilometers away to be known all over the world in just minutes, thanks to the new technologies and social network. It is not worth the risk…

Corporate Social Responsibility is the set of strategies that put companies into motion (by applying certain resources) so they get involved in the respect for human rights, social development and environmental care.

It is about adapting to laws, of course… But CSR is itself a new type of management based in the analysis of the impact generated by companies on their customers, staff, shareholders, local community and society at large, studying how to counter its negative effects and enhance the positive ones.

Paying attention to the society’s new requirement is a trend that must not be ignored by companies, and that has already been translated into the setting up of a series of standards at a national and international level, which promote corporate social responsibility and the emergence of indexes of international character (Global Compact, ISO26000, FTSE4GOOD, Dow Jones Sustainability Index…).

Advantages of meeting and consequences of breaching the CSR

te presentamos las ventajas de cumplir y consecuencias de incumplir la RSCThe companies with a CSR strategy enjoy competitive advantages when opting to public bids and tenders. But also, breaching the quotas of disabled workers in the company or not counting on an equality plan when there are more than a certain number of employees are considered very serious infringements, and can entail important fines and administrative penalties to the company. It is not worth risking them.

Is making a social commitment the same thing as managing the company reputation?

No, they are different things. The CSR involves certain commitments on the part of the company; they have to understand that they have made a commitment which has been imposed by themselves. This is why it is so important that there is a total coherence between the corporate strategies and the decisions made when managing the social commitments previously agreed in public. Doing the contrary would involve a bad management of the reputation, a task which is out of the social consulting environment.

Responsible for the CSR area

At Leialta we have a person in charge in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility

Yalenny Florentini

Director of the RSC area

A team specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility

The Leialta team specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility

Our business consultancy counts on a team specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility, gender perspective and implementation of equality plans, and in mainstreaming of disability in the corporate field.

With our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) services we cover the management of the impact caused on the staff, the company and the society at large via our recurring services, so our customers can develop their activities according to the regulations, but can also go one step beyond in their social and environmental commitment so it will eventually be in their own benefit too.

All our Corporate Social Responsibility professionals are committed to the code of ethic for CSR and sustainability professionals.

Who knows all the advantages of CSR for your company?

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