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CSR Implementation Plans

The Corporate Social Responsibility (SCR) plan is a measure taken by some companies, bound to give the society back part of the richness generated by their corporate activity in the form of a commitment with a series of values such as equal labor opportunities for men and women, integration of disability in the world of work and environmental sustainability.

If your company keeps complaining about the ills that the small and medium companies suffer when compared with big-sized competitors, the CSR is a way to start competing on equal terms… Moreover, the implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan is a win-win measure; this term has been coined in order to define a negotiation and management model which has advantages for both parts.

Why does your business need a Corporate Social Responsibility plan?

At Leialta we are aware of the new needs in family businesses.

We offer this specific service within our area of social consulting.

Our social consultancy offers you a comprehensive service for the implementation of CSR.

The implementation of the CSR plan allows optimizing the processes of your organization.

A tailored CSR plan for your business

In Leialta we are aware of family businesses’ and big corporations’ new requirements, so we offer this specific service as part of our business-consulting area. Starting a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan necessarily involves counting on the advice of a specialist, a professional and committed team that generates empathy with their customer’s requirements and knows how to balance the company’s size and capacity with the CRS plan they need.

Our social consulting service puts at your disposal a comprehensive and transversal CSR-implementation service for businesses. According to the preliminary analysis and our customer’s expectations, we calculate the scope of the CSR implementation plan in his company and the actions to be carried out.

Why a Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) plan is cost-effective

The implementation of a Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) plan makes it possible to optimize your organization procedures, with the following advantages:

  • Cost reduction.
  • Alignment with the law and recommendations.
  • Harnessing of the human capital.
  • Productivity improvement.
  • Standing out of the market by being “different”.
  • Corporate reputation improvement.
  • Gain of competitive advantage.

Steps to implement a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan in your business

  • Diagnosis phase. At this stage, Leialta’s CSR experts analyze your company’s particular case in terms of equality of opportunities for men and women.
  • Planification. This is the phase when the approaches of all the multistakeholders and the actions’ transversality (each one of the axe themes – equality, disability, sustainability –crosses different action areas, from the relationship with the suppliers to the company’s separate areas or hierarchies) are taken in consideration.
  • Plan implementation. This is a step inside the procedure when the action protocols, the equality plans, the form chosen to integrate the disability, etc. are put into motion.
  • Sustainability reports. They are recurring reports made by Leialta for their customers. An agile tool to communicate the progress made and verified to the previously-defined target audience.

If you are looking for help to implement a serious and strict Corporate Social Responsibility plan, contact our business consultancy: one of our specialized consultants will be pleased to provide you with information about all your possibilities.

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