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Equality plans

Equality plans are mandatory by law for companies with more than two hundred employees, and when established by the applicable collective agreement. If this is the case for your company, you must know that the penalties for not having an equality plan are really high. Moreover, equality plans can be developed and implemented voluntarily by any company not subject to implement them, after consultation with the workers’ representatives. In any case, this is a guarantee-base and committed tool, full of advantages.

A Corporate Social Responsibility plan including equality plans

In Leialta we want to give you help and support in the preparation of equality plans for companies.

We apply an ordered set of measures, taken after making a situation diagnosis.

We diagnose the situation of the company from a gender perspective.

Advice in order to obtain grants and assistance for the implementation of Equality Plans.

Assistance and support in the implementation of an equality plan

From Leialta’s social consultancy we want to provide you with help and support in the implementation of businesses’ equality plans, so you can meet the “effective equality between men and women” in the work sphere.

From 2007 all companies are obliged to ensure equality of treatment and opportunity, so laws promote the adoption of matching and diversity-respect measurements in a voluntary or mandatory way, as the case may be.

Business equality plans are organized sets of measures adopted after a previous situation diagnose, trending to reach equal treatment and opportunities for men and women and to eradicate sex discriminate inside the company.

In what way equality plans oblige, engage and commit your company

When we talk about the implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan, we must make clear that this is not just about drafting a document to enhance the corporate image.

The equality plans included in a Corporate Social Responsibility frame are aimed to commit the company (in a collective or voluntary way, according to if they are obliged to implement them or not) and engage everyone in the consecution of equal opportunities, no matter the gender.

They are also a good way for companies to keep talent and boost their human capital.

How we implement an equality plan in your company

If you need an equality plan for your business, Leialta’s social consultancy can help you. These are the steps we take to make your Corporate Social Responsibility become a success:

  • Advice and consultancy.
  • Business’s situation diagnoses from a gender perspective.
  • Preparation of the Equality Plan.
  • Basic training about gender perspective and equality of opportunities.
  • Expert advice to obtain public subsidies and aids for the implementation of Equality Plans.
  • Expert advice to get the “Equality Seal of Distinction”

As a social-consulting specialized business consultancy, in Leialta we have a special area that provides services to best develop inclusion plans from a gender perspective, aiming to reach the equality of opportunities for men and women (equality plans) inside corporations. Tell us about your case; we can help you.

Moreover, our team guides our clients so they can get and maintain the equality “Seal of Distinction”, a prize that places value on the company’s social commitment.

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