SEC professionalization

Our expert team will help you in the Professionalization of the SEC

What is SEC professionalization? It is a social consulting service through which we help newly set-up Special Employment Centers (and those with a certain trajectory too) improve their procedures for better managing the disabled staff, improving their administrative procedures in order to get aid and subsidies, developing specific recruitment procedures for disabled people…

We often find SEC-credited companies where the owner is not aware of all the obligations and procedures his center must take in consideration. When trying to get his accreditation he has noted that there are many bureaucratic and administrative duties to fulfill, but he does not have experienced workers to manage this type of centers…

SEC professionalization: what is and how to implement the measurements

Social consulting service through which we help the newly created Special Employment Centers.

At Leialta, we take care of improving your personnel management procedures with disabilities.

We can train this team so that in a short time it is self-sufficient in all the obligations of a SEC.

Our team is formed in different profiles (social worker, experts in labor law, taxation and CSR).

With the experts of Leialta we help you to Professionalize the SEC

In a short time, LEIALTA can train this team so they can be self-sufficient when managing a SEC’s duties. It is basic that Special Employment Centers have professional and technical resources that promote a good performance in the work post from the staff, as well as their integration in the society at large. This is what ‘Professional and Social Adjustment Services’ do, as they are regulated by the art. 43.2 of the General Law of Disabled Persons (Ley General de las personas con discapacidad). The implementation of these services is what we call SEC professionalization.

Measurements to support SEC professionalization

From Leialta we can help you in the SEC professionalization process, that is, in the creation of adjustment services and support units, by performing following tasks:

  • Selection and recruitment of the right profiles for the business activity of the special employment center.
  • Advice to prepare personal and individual files.
  • Computer-based management of the personal adjustment services.
  • Advice in the process of interviewing SPAS (Social and Personal Adjustment Services).
  • Management of the individualized-intervention programs.
  • Social resources specially designed for disabled workers.
  • Training of support units /SPAS technicians and professionals.
  • Motivation and work climate – Psychosocial Risk Prevention.
  • Social and personal adjustment services’ reports and schedules.
  • Advice to get subsidies and aid to set up Special Employment Centers.

Our intervention methodology specialized in the professionalization of SEC

Specialized intervention for SEC professionalization – Methodology

In Leialta we follow the methodology which works best: pursuing the Social and Personal Adjustment Services’ quality and excellence, and the Special Employment Centers’ too. This methodology involves the following measures:

  • Regular meetings with the involved owners and management
  • Training for the technicians and professionals who integrate the Personal and Social Adjustment Service & Support Units.
  • Delivering of managing, consulting and support manuals and documentation
  • Hosting focus group meetings with the SPAS team/Support Units, Supervisors and Instructors aimed to the service professionalization.
  • Support to coordination via external resources and services.
  • Support to the management and development of supplementary programs: Volunteering,
  • Development of reports and information about service-associated subsidies.

An expert team in SEC professionalization

An expert team in professionalization of the SEC

Our social consulting team, composed of different professional profiles (social workers and labor law, tax and CSR experts) will assess the Special Employment Center and the necessary measures for its professionalization, aiming to train the professionals, support the resources management and coordinate the necessary external services.

Leialta’s Special Employment Center experts develop management, consulting and support manuals and documentation specific for each center, and prepare the necessary reports to get service-associated subsidies.

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