The specialists of Leialta will help you in the creation of the Special Employment Center

Setting up a special employment center is one of the most satisfactory social initiatives in the business world, and is also a cost-benefit investment. If as an entrepreneur you are searching for new projects or wish to develop your business further, maybe this business model is what you are looking for… The required procedures and arrangements cover a good part of the work, and we can help you with them through our social consulting services.

Setting up a special employment center

Creating an EWC is one of the most successful social initiatives in the business world.

At Leialta we help you adapt or create a Special Employment Center for social initiative.

We can advise you to create a Special Employment Center from our social consulting area.

We will put at your disposal all your knowledge and support before, during and after the implementation of the EWC.

With the experts of Leialta you can adapt or create a Special Employment Center for social initiative

Adapting or setting up a social-initiative Special Employment Center

If you already own a special employment center, maybe you need to adapt it in order to turn it into a social-initiative Special Employment Center regulated by the new law. It is the only way to keep on accessing (or to start accessing) to public biddings and tenders with relevant advantages over other competitors.

In order to become a social-initiative SEC, the center must meet a series of additional requirements as well as a standard SEC’s ones. Mainly, more than the 50% of the partners must be public or private non-profit-making bodies. That is, they must reinvest all their profit in the improvement of the opportunities for disabled people.

Know all the requirements to create a Special Employment Center

Requirements for setting up a Special Employment Center

The requirements for setting up a Special Employment Center are not different from the ones needed for any other company, though their social function is a especially relevant feature.

  • Due respect and consideration to disabled workers.
  • Protection of their personal and professional dignity.
  • Maintaining similar organization and work procedures as those of standard companies, if the employees’ personal and professional conditions make it possible, in order to promote the transition to other normalized companies.
  • Special attention when implementing current regulations regarding health and safety at work.

Moreover, a series of more specific requirements must be fulfilled:

  • As a minimum, 70% of the Special Employment Center’s staff must be composed of people with a disability degree equal to or higher than 33%.
  • Its main objective must be to guarantee a paid work for each employee, as well as facilitating their integration in the standard work market.
  • From a commercial point of view, Special Employment Centers are considered companies. They can be set up by a partnership, an association, a legal person, a foundation etc.
  • They must be equipped with the corresponding Personal and Social Adjustment Services which will help the workers in the process of adapting to the workstation, in the evolution of their professional development and in the consolidation of such.

A team prepared to help you when setting up a Special Employment Center and to get aids

Specialized team prepared to help you create a Special Employment Center

In Leialta, our social consulting service will advise you if you are considering setting up a Special Employment Center. A professional and committed team (which knows well the law concerning special employment centers and has helped many entrepreneurs when setting theirs up) will put at your disposal all their knowledge and support, before, during and after setting up the SEC. Our team will help you to prepare the reports that must be submitted in order to apply for the following subsidies and aid:

  • Aid for job-creating projects.
  • Aid for the maintenance of job posts in Special Employment Centers.
  • Aid for the Professional Activity Support Units.
  • Aid for possible adaptations to workplaces.
  • Preference for certain public contracts.

We are sure: with our expert team’s support, you will accomplish it!

Learn more about the creation of a special employment center

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