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Consequences of failing to file annual accounts with the Commercial Registry

Do you know the sanctions for not filing your annual accounts with the Commercial Register? Many companies often often forget about this crucial step, possibly due to inactivity, even though they are officially registered. However, this submission is mandatory and must be made within 1 month period following its approval by the General Meeting of

Steps to set up a foundation
What is the minimum amount required to set up a Foundation?

To create a Foundation, it is necessary to have an initial foundational endowment of at least 30,000 euros, which can be monetary or non-monetary. If the endowment is monetary, 25% of the 30,000 euros must be contributed, and the rest within five years. What if the initial endowment is less than 30,000 euros? The founder

Find out about the tax advantages for companies in a Holding Company

Having a holding structure in your group of companies means you can apply a series of tax advantages in deductions or special regimes to reduce your tax liability compared to traditional companies. The tax advantages are: Exemption in the case of dividend distributions from investee companies. Dividends distributed by a subsidiary to its parent holding

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