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Corporate income tax instalments in spain
Corporate income tax instalments in spain

Corporate Income Tax is crucial in the fiscal management of companies in Spain. It is a fundamental tax that is levied on the profits obtained by companies and other legal entities in this country. Given that the deadline for submitting the instalments for this tax is the 22nd of April, in this alert we will

Form 720. Declarations of assets abroad for residents in Spain
Declarations of assets abroad for residents in Spain

In the complex international tax landscape, Form 720 is a mandatory informative declaration for tax residents in Spain who own assets abroad and meet certain requirements. This declaration requires detailed disclosure of assets such as bank accounts, investments and properties outside the country. Who must submit Form 720 in Spain? On the one hand, the

Non-financial information status report

Knowing and complying with the Non-Financial Disclosure Statement (NFS) is essential for companies committed to transparency and social responsibility. Because of this, Leialta will share with you some key details to ensure compliance with the NFS in Spain. What is the NFS, and who is obliged to submit it? The Statement of Non-Financial Information (EINF in

How can you reduce your Business Tax?

Suppose your company is taxed by the Economic Activities Tax (EAT), and you have reduced your activity. In that case, it is necessary to check whether the amount of this tax can be reduced. For example, if you have sold machinery or changed premises for a lower amount, this will affect the calculation of the

Share tax incentives for shareholders who work in the company

  If your company rewards employees by giving them shares or units of your own or another company in the same group free of charge or at a reduced price, you have to show in the payroll payment in kind. The amount to be reflected is the difference between the market value of the shares

Recover your company’s VAT from unpaid customer arrears.

If a customer stops paying you an invoice one year after the accrual of the transaction, you can take steps to recover the VAT charged (if your company’s annual turnover is less than 6,010,121.04 euros, you only have to wait six months to start these steps). In both cases, you have six months to complete

Personal Income Tax deduction for electric cars

Two new personal income tax deductions have recently been approved to encourage the use of electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, and similar. 1. Deduction for the purchase of new vehicles Firstly, a deduction of 15% of the vehicle’s purchase value has been established once subsidies have been deducted. The maximum deduction base is 20,000 euros, so

convocatoria de ayuda para impulsar el crecimiento de las pymes a través del programa Activa Crecimiento
Aid programme to encourage growth in small firms

The call for aid applications to promote SMEs’ growth through the “Activa Crecimiento” program is now open. It is aimed at all types of SMEs, regardless of their CNAE, and will be free of charge for the beneficiary company. What is the Activa Crecimiento programme? The aid is in kind and consists of having coverage

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