Transform CEE into CEEIS

Convertir un CEE en un CEEIS

Changing your company that employs workers with disabilities (hereinafter, CEE) into a social enterprise (hereinafter, CEEIS) will allow you to access tenders that are reserved for those which have the status of Centro Especial de Empleo de Iniciativa Social, meaning that regular or CEE companies are excluded from bidding. Changing into a CEEIS will mean you won’t miss any opportunities like these.

Several questions may arise when you think about transforming your CEE into a CEEIS when it comes to thinking about procedure, rules, paperwork, etc. It is true that current regulations are not completely transparent about how to carry out the change from CEE to CEEIS, which means you may try to do this one way, only to find out that your company has not been granted the changed status.

On the other hand, the lack of legal guidance that exists due to an absence of regulation has led each autonomous community of Spain to develop their own criteria. Thus, it is important to engage the services of an advisor to help with this process and ensure that the changes are made correctly and with all the guarantees.

But, what would happen if the change isn’t carried out correctly? You are faced with two problems: firstly, that the change from CEE to CEEIS is not granted and, secondly, that furthermore you are left with a shareholding structure that does not interest you, as you will have needed to have alter the shareholding structure of the company.

Transform a CEE into a CEEIS

Experience, knowledge and the peace of mind of being in good hands.

CEEIS may become a dominant figure in the market.

We have the best advisors and a successful methodology to help you.

La seguridad de realizar con éxito la transformación a un CEEIS

The security of carrying out the transformation to a CEEIS successfully

With Leialta you can count on a team of specialist consultants with vast experience in setting up and transforming CEEIS, with guaranteed success. Our previous experience gained from working with clients in this area has led us to understand what is required from each individual client. Furthermore, our ample background in professional services has given us knowledge of applicable rules and regulations, autonomous state by autonomous state within Spain.

What makes us different?

We are the leading consultancy agency for CEE companies in Spain, a fact to which many of our clients testify. Our wide experience in setting up and advising Centros Especiales de Empleo (CEE) give us full knowledge of existing regulations and market matters. You will not find a social consultancy better placed to help you with this paperwork than Leialta.

¿Por qué apostar por un CEEIS?

Why take the leap to a CEEIS?

CEEIS businesses could develop into important market players, achieving market quotas that are reserved for the CEE.

Forecasts point at increased client demand for CEEIS business models rather than CEE, because of their greater social component and the benefits that this offers when compared to CEE businesses. Change will be gradual, but this is the direction of travel. If you do not want to miss out on the opportunities, it is time to make the move and change into a Centro Especial de Empleo de Iniciativa Social.

Making a successful transition from CEE to CEEIS

Convertir un CEE en CEEis de manera exitosa

If you are sure about transforming your CEE into a CEEIS and about taking advantage of the benefits such as taking part in exclusive public bids and having a competitive advantage over other companies, you will find in Leialta the best team of advisors that has a successful methodology to help you.

Changing a CEE to a CEEIS, step by step

  1. We begin by analysing our client’s case. Each situation is different, there are never two identical cases, which is why it is important to carry out an individual study.
  2. We research specific regulations for the autonomous community where the change into a CEEIS is going to take place.
  3. We prepare a proposal of the project to be approved by the client.
  4. We set up a not-for-profit (a charitable foundation, an association, etc), if this does not already exist.
  5. We arrange the mercantile operation to ensure a correct distribution of shares among the new shareholders.
  6. We inform the relevant autonomous community about the change from CEE to CEEIS, fulfilling all the stipulated requirements.

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