Proyect 360º Advertising

Proyect 360º Advertising is a technology company for advertising and logistics and is part of Lumaf Investment together with Servihenares and Sibis Real State. They are located in Madrid.

They offer solutions adapted to the digital age through interactive screens, smart lockers and an advertising network, which generate a large visibility space for companies.

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What challenges have they faced?

Project 360º has designed a very innovative device. These are mailboxes similar to those that Correos and Amazon are putting into service in shopping centres and service stations to collect orders at any time of the day using a code that identifies the buyer.

The similarity with other machines makes it difficult for Project 360º to get its model registered in the patent office.

A specialised solution for Project 360º in order to register with the SPTO


After analysing the unique requirements of a brand like Project 360º’, we spotted a potential loophole when it came to registering the product.


However, we noted that the Project 360º device did not feature an improvement or utility that didn’t already exist in the market and as a result,it was possible to register using the “Utility Model.”


The patent could not be applied due to the nature of the product, which was not a new invention, given the similarity with other devices that already exist on the market.


We gathered all the arguments, requirements and procedures and we were granted the so-called “Utility Model” concession.

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  1. Project 360º managed to register its product under the “Utility Model” and as a result, protect the development of the product from third parties. In this way, it gained a form of exclusivity.
  2. The company obtained protection and exclusivity of use, offering a unique product with clear advantages over other similar products in terms of use. It has helped give them an edge in the market.
leialta consultoría legal y mercantil consultoría empresarial

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