How to set up a business in Spain

Ever thought of setting up a business and exploring new avenues for your business in Spain?

At Leialta, we handle the entire process of setting up a business in Spain, from the initial approach, choosing the corporate structure that best suits your needs, covering all the legal, tax and labour formalities, and through to its implementation, helping you create the company you envisioned.

It’s the perfect way to invest in our country with both legal and economic security.

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We help you to a establish and grow your business

Our business consultancy has the resources and experience necessary to advise and accompany foreign businesses wishing to take advantage of the fantastic opportunities offered by doing business in our country.
We can help you obtain a registered office, tax domicile and bank account for the company you establish in Spain.

  • Consultancy.
  • Liaison with the Spanish Tax Agency.
  • Management and execution of formalities.
  • Operate in Spain without opening a bank account.
  • Make collections from customers and payments to suppliers.
  • Set up a payroll for employees.

The value of our service is to provide business people with the information they need to make strategic decisions for their business


The simple way to set up a business in Spain with guaranteed success

It’s a great way for foreign companies interested in setting up in our country to invest with full legal and economic security, and often with favourable tax conditions too.

If you’re not familiar with Spanish regulations, with all their specificities and complex mechanisms of bureaucracy, it can be difficult to get your business going.

Our business consultancy has the resources and experience necessary to advise and accompany foreign businesses wishing to take advantage of the fantastic opportunities offered by doing business in our country.

What are the options for setting up a company in Spain and which one is right for you?

Our service for setting up companies in Spain includes a pre-incorporation study. But what exactly does this involve?

Before starting the process of setting up a company in Spain, it’s important to consider the different options available:

  1. Which company structure is best for you? Will you need a subsidiary or a branch office? Our tailor-made analysis will help you decide which company format is best for you.
  2. Looking for tax and legal representation but don’t want to have to change your residence? If you don’t have a minimum structure required for operation, you can rely on Leialta’s efficient and reliable tax representation service.
  3. Taking months to open a bank account in our country because your company isn’t a public or private limited company? Leialta offers its clients a Cash Handling service, through which you can make payroll, taxes, purchase payments, and more, both legally and immediately.
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Requirements to take into account to create your company in Spain

You need to know that it is not a simple task, which requires various complex procedures. We tell you what ways exist to create a company in Spain and what requirements you must meet.


A professional team with which you can create your company successfully

At Leialta we know that it is vital to get the initial advice right to start the process of creating a company in Spain. It is essential to previously analyze the best possible structure for each newly incorporated company.

At Leialta we seek the optimal solution for each of our non-resident clients who come to us.

Our human team, qualified and committed, is our main value to bring to a successful conclusion the creation of companies in Spain for our foreign clients.

Through our services, we accompany you from the first moment in the necessary process for the creation of a company in Spain with the obligatory rigor imposed by Spanish legislation.

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Jose Luna

Manager of the Corporate Law and M&A Department

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Success story Global Voice Group

GVG is a foreign company operating in Spain. GVG’s management was unaware of the tax and accounting regulations in Spain but still had to meet the applicable accounting obligations as a foreign company.
We guided GVG in identifying its accounting and tax obligations in line with its corporate structure. During the process, GVG has acquired an understanding of the taxes it faces as well as the cause of these taxes.


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We help you create your company in Spain

We make the path easier for you and help you get your company in Spain.