Restructuring Services  

Change your company’s corporate structure so you can leverage tax and equity advantages to protect and grow your business assets.

In order to survive, family businesses must adapt to new practices and modes of management that ensure their continuity into the future.

There are many advantages to “not putting all your eggs in one basket”.

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We help you optimise and grow your business

We help SMEs, corporate groups and family businesses change the way they manage their company by optimising management and corporate processes and applying solutions adapted to their business.

Save time, improve work processes, focus on your most valuable activities and take advantage of the benefits offered by the economic system.

The value of our service is providing business people with the information they need to make strategic decisions for their business


Do you want to increase productivity? Strengthening your competitiveness in the international market…?

In addition to professionalising your business, business restructuring allows for significant tax savings while also enabling your company to increase its productivity and strengthen its competitiveness in the international market. (Read more about the benefits of business restructuring).

The motives for restructuring a business can be varied, but some of the most common include:

  • Expansion/acquisition of market share.
  • Change of business strategy.
  • Exploitation of tax losses.
  • Regulatory reasons.
  • Separation of distinct businesses.
  • Independence of investment decisions.
  • Restructuring and streamlining activities for greater efficiency.
  • Making it easier to obtain the right financing for each type of activity.

We can also help with:

  • Joint Venture

We study how to structure the joint operation, fiscal aspects, and handle the entire process: from the drafting of confidentiality agreements to the dissolution of partners and liquidation of the company.

  • Buying and selling companies

We accompany you through the process of buying and selling your company, handling the entire transaction cycle (risk analysis of the company being purchased, legal advice in the negotiation and contract signing).

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Consult our restructuring guides

Download our free guides and learn about the advantages of setting up a Holding Company, merger or spin-off.


How are restructuring operations taxed?

These three business restructuring operations are not taxed, as they’re tax neutral, provided certain requirements are met.

This tax break is of great importance, as the income generated results in significant capital gains.

With restructuring operations, you can carry out structural changes without having to pay corporate taxes on them.

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leialta consultoría legal y mercantil consultoría empresarial
Jose Luna

Manager of the Corporate Law and M&A Department


We have more to tell you

Success stories Servihenares

ServiHenares had several branches of activity that had nothing to do with each other. This made management difficult, mixed business risks unnecessarily, and prevented clear identification of the profitability of each activity, meaning strategic decisions couldn’t be made without affecting the rest of the activities.
As a solution, we changed the corporate structure of their company by creating a Holding Company and implemented a system of cost and profitability control by activity.

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We help you protect your heritage

Change the structure of your company so that it adapts to your interests and lasts over time.