Legal and Commercial Consultancy

For companies that want to protect their assets with legal certainty.

We identify shortcomings and propose improvements after a corporate analysis of the company, ensuring they’re up to date with their legal obligations.

We focus on:

  • Incorporation and restructuring of commercial companies.
  • Risk analysis in the purchase of business through legal due diligence.
  • Drafting of corporate and business agreements.
  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies.
  • Drafting of board of directors’ and general shareholders’ minutes.


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You’ll benefit from business consultancy if:

Los servicios de asesoría contable que necesitas

 Nuestro equipo de contabilidad podrá ayudarte en aspectos como:

 At Leialta, we take our clients’ obligations and the problems they can solve through legal channels very seriously. And we do so with a comprehensive legal and commercial consulting service.

Our aim is to make our clients aware that their company has an annual obligation to comply with and report to third parties, and that they’ll also be able to rely on legal advice in their day-to-day business to deal with internal and external issues.

We can help you with:

  1. Incorporation of companies, advice and execution of holding companies, company divisions, mergers, company and family protocol, joint ventures.
  2. Company modifications, dissolutions and liquidations.
  3. Legal handling of contracts and their legal and economic derivations (drafting and reviews)
  4. Risk analysis in the purchase of a business through legal due diligence.
  5. Advice on and drafting of corporate and business agreements.
  6. Drafting of board of directors’ and general shareholders’ minutes.
  7. Obtaining certificates of good standing and company position and simple informative notes from the Mercantile Register.
  8. Legalisation of company books with the Commercial Register, such as the minute book, register of shareholders, register of shares or sole shareholder contracts.
  9. Re-opening of the registration sheet in the Commercial Register for company deeds.
  10. Reinstatement of CIF at the Tax Agency for companies with a revoked NIF.

We implement a working process that gives you confidence and security.

We can help you obtain a Digital Certificate

Speed up your dealings with Public Administrations when you have to present appeals, procedures or documentation for your company to Social Security or the Tax Agency.

We can help you obtain a digital certificate for your company that allows you to identify yourself in a unique and secure way. You can then present everything electronically, without having to go in person to the Public Administration, saving you time.


A legal and commercial consulting service with added value

We also provide the following recurring services in the field of legal and commercial assistance in the day-to-day running of companies:

  • Timely commercial advice in the day-to-day business of a company or group. For example, drafting and review of standard contracts with clients and suppliers, etc.
  • Review of the existing statutes, assessing the suitability of updating them to the new Capital Companies Act, including specific clauses (corporate unblocking, shareholders’ agreements, etc.).
  • Drafting of general and special powers of attorney, necessary in the future for the recurring management of the company.
  • Management of communication with public or private third parties, in relation to commercial operations of any kind, e.g. notary’s office, Commercial Register, Land Registry, etc.
  • Commercial management of minor operations, such as capital increases, capital reduction, etc.
  • Filing of the company’s books, shareholders’ books, minutes, sole shareholders, filing of annual accounts and official books.
  • Preparation of administrative formalities for managing client arrears, etc.


We offer an alternative to the inefficient services you´ll find elsewhere for any established and serious company.

Legal and commercial consultancy in Madrid with specialised teams

We’ve formed a team of professionals capable of identifying areas for improvement in our clients’ processes and focusing their analysis on the areas that offer the greatest added value.

We carry out an initial assessment of your business, where a specialist from each area of Leialta reviews all commercial, accounting, tax, labour and administrative information for the last four years.

Sound information processing with a professional approach opens up new perspectives and interpretations of data.

Our tax and accountancy consultancy service in Madrid offers high-value returns to the business owner, delivered through our personalised service approach that maintains direct contact with our clients to meet their needs and help them achieve their goals.

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leialta consultoría legal y mercantil consultoría empresarial
Jose Luna

Head of the Legal and Commercial Advisory area

“I met Paul some time ago, both professionally and personally. I find him a committed and efficient person whch is not as common as it might seem for people working in tax and financial advice. His vision and closeness have helped me a lot to understand the problems and the solutions.”

Alberto Santos

CEO of Evercom

“Leialta is an excellent organization of serious, committed, and very close people who strictly adjust to deadlines, demonstrating a high level of professionalism in their daily performance.”

Alberto Peñuelas

CEO of Bebidas Peñuelas S.L.

Logotipo peñuelas

“I have met and worked with Javier for more than five years. Javier is a competent and hard-working professional. Particulatly, he has an attitude, discipline, and customer care that I have rarely encountered in my working life.”

Marco Longoni

Chief Financial Officer of ERG

“We have been lucky enough to rely on a team led by Javier from the very beginning of our business. Although it was a complicated "adventure," Javier has demonstrated a personal touch and exceptional professional capacity, sparing no effort, during all the months that he has been leading the Project.”

Jon Armentia

Corporate Director of Lar España

lar España

“Paul is a bright, responsible person with extensive experience in his work and mastery of all the activities we had contracted. He led the group of people who carried out the activities and, as a representative of his company, he took the responsibility to present and explain the result of the work, both monthly and at the end of the year, before his Management Committee and Board of Directors. Which he did always to the complete satisfaction of our Board of Directors and General Management Body.”

Rafael Garcia Valenzuela

 Former CEO of Grupo Capital Energy

“I have always been loyal to the people who have been advising me for a long time in the provision of recurring services. Therefore, I plan to continue counting on Paul and Javier for a long time. They are magnificent professionals in the consulting world.”

Pablo Del Rio

CEO of The Racket Store

“Servihenares company group has been working with Leialta for years. The result of working with them is that you can dedicate yourself entirely to your business because you are in professional hands regarding tax, labor, and legal advice. They are always there with agile and efficient responses whenever you need them. Thank you for the peace of mind you provide.”

Jose Luis Fernández

CEO of Quality Transfer

Logo Quality transfer

“It is very encouraging to know that, in any situation of doubt in our administrative tasks, we are supported by a great team of professionals who provide solutions to our problems. Besides, if the human treatment is also exquisite, the work becomes easier.”

Susana Aguado Alonso

Head of Administration of Sibis Real Estate

Sibis real estate logo

“We have been working with Leialta for the past two years and the results have been outstanding. They are very professional, and at all times, they have helped us in accounting, tax, and labor matters to resolve everything that has arisen day by day with the company and the administrations. I would certainly recommend them to any company. My relationship with them is excellent.”

Nieves Robleño Pinilla

Head of Administration and Human Resources of Convey Systems

Convey systems

We at Displaynote are really pleased with the full suite of professional services that Leialta provide, which includes accounting, tax and payroll services. We now understand our finances better and have a much greater understanding of our compliance requirements within our Spanish subsidiary.

The team at Leialta are pro-active in identifying any issues and provide clear and concise advice when required. We would highly recommend Leialta to assist any UK based Company who are looking for trusted advisors in Spain.”

Alan McDail

Chief Financial Officer of DisplayNote Technologies

“Professionalism, trust, and proximity are the qualities that define your excellent work. Your collaboration in our business projects has been a pleasure.”

Concha Gallego

CEO of Jamonia Gestiones SL

Jamonia Logo

Success story Temaxel

Business restructuring of a family business

Temaxel is a family business that wanted to prepare succession for future generations that were part of the company.
As there were several family members involved, and to avoid any potential family issues, we opted to divide the company with a business spin-off, separating the company’s activities so that they could be quantified and managed independently.
We also implemented a tax neutrality regime based on legal and transparent tax exemption.

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temaxel caso de éxito leialta escisión de empresas

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