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Evercom,is a communication and digital strategy consultancy with offices in Barcelona and Madrid. They specialise in creating strategies that help their clients reach audiences with a multi-channel vision and the development of a solid marketing strategy.

Created in 1996, it is one of the first independent communication and digital strategy consultancies in the Spanish market and currently works for more than fifty organisations between companies and institutions from all sectors.

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Rita Olmedo | Director of the Finance Department and Human Resources

We were looking for a company with experience in companies of our size and we needed agility, speed to resolve all our queries and a partner who could take on responsibilities, and this was what prompted us to start working with LEIALTA.

As a solución we created a new payroll execution process


We analysed the applicable collective agreement and studied the labour conditions of employees and their remuneration policies.


We carry out a legal labour audit of the preparation of payroll, contracts, personal income tax and salary structure.


Given the applicable labour regulations and the internal aspects of the company, we had to analyse whether the regulations were being applied correctly when performing payroll.


We present a report reflecting the incidents, absences of regulations and the solutions and services to be applied.

leialta consultoría laboral consultoría empresarial


  1. EVERCOM has been able to resolve labour legal incidents and improve the application of its remuneration policies. In the case of any inspection or requirement issued by authorities, EVERCOM is ready to face any type of inspection.
  2. We have developed a work process that achieves active communication, ease of prioritising tasks and carrying out efficient work.
leialta consultoría laboral consultoría empresarial

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