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Grupo ANT is a consulting firm specialised in all the regulations of the automotive sector. They cover the entire legal and commercial life cycle of vehicles. From the authorisation of vehicles right through to the tax process.

Future generations are taking on a strong role in the management of the company, which has caused the founders to contemplate generational change. They wanted to be prepared when the time comes and we have readied them for this process.

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Francisco Díaz Alonso | CEO Grupo ANT

LEIALTA is our provider in tax and business matters. They have always enhanced our confidence, security and knowledge in all of the areas relevant to our business.

As a solution we designed and implemented a family action plan


We analysed the corporate structure, the interests of the founders and the new generations in order to establish an action plan.


We presented the design to the parties, explaining each agreed point and discussing those improvements or points that were modified for its execution.


Taking into account their interests, we analysed their feasibility. If they were not ideal, we proposed alternatives as well as improvements.


Once an agreement has been reached on each point, it is regulated in a binding document for all parties that defines the procedure to be followed in the event of the contemplated succession.

leialta consultoría legal y mercantil consultoría empresarial


  1. Grupo ANT is prepared for when the founders of the company retire completely, applying the protocol with defined rules that guarantee success.
  2. The continuity of the company is guaranteed through reinforced family ties and protecting the interests of the company and the family.
leialta consultoría legal y mercantil consultoría empresarial

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