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GVG is an international consultancy dedicated to collecting and analysing data from crucial economic sectors, such as telecommunications and financial services, and turning it into actionable information for governments, central banks and other authorities.

As a foreign company that came to Spain as its first overseas location, it has been difficult for them to work with the tax and accounting regulations of Spain in terms of their compliance requirements and accounting matters.
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James Claude | CEO Global Voice Group

Leialta has been of huge help to us and has guided us in navigating through this complex administrative paperwork in Spain. They always try to find the best solution.

As a solution, we created a new joint working process


Given the bureaucratic structure that exists in Spain, we have guided GVG to identify its accounting and tax obligations adapted to its corporate structure.


We created a joint action plan reflecting the tax and accounting obligations that the company was required to contemplate.


We carried out a tax optimisation study to apply tax advantages aligned with its corporate structure.


As a result of this hard work, we managed and presented all of the necessary paperwork to authorities on behalf of GVG, including monthly, quarterly and annual taxes, annual accounts and invoice management.

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  1. They have identified all the fiscal and accounting obligations that they have to carry out before the authorities on a regular basis.
  2. We provided them with a recurring service that constantly takes care of the management and presentation of accounting and tax obligations, providing transparency and solid results.
  3. GVG is kept constantly updated about tax and accounting novelties that might affect it due to its nature as a foreign company, giving it time to focus on growing its business.
leialta consultoria empresarial servicios contable y fiscal

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