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ServiHenares is a national and international courier and also provides urgent small parcel deliveries. They work with big companies and have evolved to work on a range of additional services and business activities.

Given the economic risk involved, they decided to separate each activity to protect their assets from the potential risk of each individual business. How did they execute this separation?

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Miguel Ángel Fernández | Manager of ServiHenares

It was a process of several months of thorough work. The work carried out by LEIALTA was very professional and they were able to separate our business activities from any potential risk to our assets.

As a solution, we created a holding company


We analysed the structure of the company and aligned the objectives by carrying out two different operations: Spin-off companies and a holding company.


We unified each company into a parent company or holding company to manage all the companies from a parent company.


We also created spin-off companies for each activity, which essentially creates a separate company for each one.


In this way, each activity and risk is categorised independently but is unified under the management of the parent or holding company.

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  1. The group now has the risk limited to each activity in each company. Therefore, the “contagion” effect is avoided in the event that a business does not evolve as expected.
  2. Each activity has its manager in each company, so the responsibilities of each person are clearly identified.
  3. The structure allows optimal management of cash flows for tax purposes, thus maximising investment in new activities and return to shareholders.
leialta consultoría legal y mercantil consultoría empresarial

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