Business Succession in Family Business


Temaxel is a family company that manufactures quality mechanical parts, and heat sinks for strategic sectors.

It works for strategic sectors such as telecommunications, defense, and medicine.

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What challenges have they faced?

It is a family business facing the change of generation in taking the reins of the company, i.e., they were meeting the need to carry out an internal succession.

Given the complexity of the change, they did not feel they had the autonomy to carry it out on their own. How did we develop this transition with them?

As a solución, we carry out a corporate spin-off


The generational change was planned by several people. This posed a management clash and a risk to the continuity and solidity of the company.


This consisted of separating the real estate assets from the company and leaving only the active part of the activity so that the real estate assets were divided from the company, reducing the risk of bad situations.


To avoid risk and protect assets, we propose the creation and execution of a spin-off.


This allowed the company to make strategic decisions in the future, protecting the company’s assets and ensuring a risk-free internal succession.
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  1. The customer has an honest and objective perception of the company’s value.
  2. They can make fundamental decisions to ensure continuity without creating unnecessary conflicts and logically and coherently. The company is thus in a position to realize the desired internal succession.
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