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Guide: Legal and Fiscal Representation in Spain for companies

Legal and Fiscal Representation in Spain

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  • Do you need a representative who can help you deal with the formalities without having to travel?

  • Are you looking to expand your business activity in Spain?

Discover through our specialized guide how the legal and fiscal representative figure can help you solve problems without the need to travel to Spain, such as not being able to open a bank account in Spain or operating without the need to open a branch or subsidiary.
We invite you to discover the functions, obligations, and possibilities offered by a legal and fiscal representative in Spain through the following resources we have created.

There are many options that may interest you in having a legal or fiscal representative in Spain.

If you are not a resident in Spain, you will have to face an unfamiliar and complex process, in addition to not being able to take advantage of tax benefits due to lack of knowledge.

To help you understand the process, you can download our guide on legal and fiscal representation in Spain, where you can:

  1. Understand the role and functions of the legal and fiscal representative.
  2. Discover the common procedures and issues resolved by a legal and fiscal representative.
  3. Be aware of the advantages you have when creating a company in Spain by having this figure.

Having a legal and fiscal representative is the alternative that allows you to have your company operating in Spain without having a subsidiary or branch.

  • How can Leialta assist you with your company?

If your goal is to establish a company in Spain, it is essential to have the assistance of an expert. Our experience and knowledge in the business field in Spain can streamline the procedures for you and guide you in fulfilling your legal and fiscal obligations in the country.

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