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Setting up a business in Spain as a foreigner: how to do it without a bank account

Cash handling: a good solution when setting up a business in Spain as a foreigner.Setting up a business in Spain as a foreigner can be an uneasy road, full of complications. It should not be this way… But the bureaucratic procedures, the omnipresent red tape, the complexities of the tax system and the language barrier (for those who cannot speak Spanish) can seem insurmountable for the entrepreneurs who come from other countries. But do not despair: if you want to set up a business in Spain, there are a lot of ways and solutions to make the process easier for those who are wishing to internationalize their companies in our country. From services that enable you to operate without opening a bank account in a Spanish entity (yes, you can!!) to specialized consultants and teams who solve every problem for you. If you really want to know how to do it, do not miss this post!

Setting up a business in Spain as a foreigner: make it easy

This is not the first time that we talk about the many difficulties foreign entrepreneurs like you find when expanding their business to Spain. Being as it is a country full of commercial opportunities (with an unbeatable geographic location and an effervescent economy), the procedures that make it possible for a foreign business to operate in our country with no branch or subsidiary company are surprisingly complex. As well as obtaining the non-resident CIF and getting a legal and tax representative (obligatory by law), you will also have to know which taxes you must pay, how to fill in the forms, payment deadlines, obligations owed to the social security system… An endless list of requirements that may seem almost insurmountable!

That is why the first advice we want to give you (and probably the most important of all) for setting up a business in Spain as a foreigner is to look for expert, professional and English-speaking advice to manage all the procedures.

A professional consultancy like ours can even ensure that you do not have to travel to Spain to perform the procedures, taking care of everything on your behalf with a guarantee of operational efficiency. For Spanish experts, navigating the complexities of the country’s legal, tax and labor system is a child’s play. With our help, you can speed up the procedures and operate almost from the start.

Cash handling service: what does it involve?

When setting up a business in Spain as a foreigner, one of the first steps is opening a bank account in the country. Though this is not impossible, it is truly a complex procedure that takes time and work. Mainly if your country is not established in our country and you are operating with a non-resident CIF. You will have to move around to collect all the forms and documents required by bank institutions, ask about the conditions in different offices, consider the pros and cons of each entity… The time wasted is not paid by money. But there is a solution that can set you free from all this inconvenience: a cash handling service.

Why do you need this service for setting up a business in Spain as a foreigner? It is always more operative to have a bank account to be able to set up directly certain payments, such as payroll or to pay taxes, even to collect your customers’ payments. Through our cash handling service you can operate, making minimum and essential payments to public agencies, such as the Social Security or the Tax Agency, or pay the payrolls of your Spanish staff. The cash handling service that LEIALTA provides you can not be easier: you will only have to transfer the money through one of our cash handling bank accounts, so that we can make all the payments on your behalf.

From statements to actions: your company in Spain, now!

When setting up a business in Spain as a foreigner, as well as a cash handling service (a simple, functional and safe solution) you will also need legal advice and support provided by good professionals. In LEIALTA we will be delighted to help you bringing your company to our country: our foreign customers and their high level of satisfaction guarantee our path. We are a young, well-trained, English-speaking specialized team that will help and support you, answering your questions in a maximum of 24 hours and with the accessibility required by the complex procedures faced by entrepreneurs who wish to internationalize their businesses in Spain.

After reading this post, we are sure that setting up a business in Spain as a foreigner looks much easier to you. With our consultancy and cash handling services for foreign entrepreneurs, you will be able to set up a business in Spain in a quick and efficient way, without travelling to our country and operating ASAP. If you have any questions, leave a comment or contact our business of consulting in Madrid!


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