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Change in contribution for part-time employees

Since 1 October, part-time workers have been paid the same contributions as full-time workers.

Royal Decree-Law 2/2023, of 16 March, modified the wording of article 247 of the General Social Security Law in the sense that, regardless of the worker’s working day, one day of contribution will be one day. Until now, if you were part-time, this day was provided according to the working day (for example, if you were part-time, you had to contribute two days so that one day of contribution would be counted).

Why is this happening? To reduce the gender gap, women currently disadvantaged had a higher rate of part-time and temporary work during their working lives.

What is new about this change?

  • It does not have retroactive effects; therefore, this new criterion will be applied from 1 October 2023.
  • The 1.5 coefficient is eliminated in determining the amounts of retirement pensions and permanent disability pensions derived from common illness.
  • This modification does not entail any change in calculating the regulatory base for benefits, which will continue to correspond to the contribution base.

This change also applies to the periods contributed for future benefits such as retirement, temporary or permanent incapacity, birth and care of a child, and death and survival.

People who are going to retire in the next few years and wish to calculate their retirement pension will be able to choose between:
  • Keep the last 25 years of work as the basis for calculating their pension.
  • Or extend it to 29 years and be able to discard the worst 24 months.
If you are interested in us helping you manage this procedure in your company but do not know where to start, do not hesitate to write to us to help you.

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