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Aid programme to encourage growth in small firms

The call for aid applications to promote SMEs’ growth through the “Activa Crecimiento” program is now open. It is aimed at all types of SMEs, regardless of their CNAE, and will be free of charge for the beneficiary company.

What is the Activa Crecimiento programme?

The aid is in kind and consists of having coverage of specialized and personalized advice that allows for a diagnosis and analysis of the company to detect potential growth areas and draw up a growth plan with proposed improvement actions in fields such as human resources, operations, digitalization, marketing and commercialization, finance and innovation.

This plan includes the strategic lines on which the company must work and will define the roadmap to implement each of the proposed actions to be developed and implemented by the beneficiary company.

The duration of this program is 50 hours of consultancy within a minimum of 4 months and a maximum of 5 months from the publication of the award resolution.

Thus, if you apply for this aid, a specialized company will accompany you in drawing up a growth plan with the following stages:

  • Diagnosis and internal analysis of the company.
  • Drawing up a Growth Plan.
  • Group workshop and closure of the service provision.

Application and deadline for submission of applications for the Activa Crecimiento program.

The application submission deadline begins on 5 September 2023 and will remain open until the budget is exhausted.

LEIALTA can help you apply for, manage, and obtain this aid to boost your activity. If you want this aid, do not hesitate to write to us; we will accompany you.

General aspects of the Activa Crecimiento program.

The main characteristics of the consultancy program specializing in the growth of industrial SMEs are as follows:

  • Managed by the SGIPYME, the Autonomous Regions, and with the collaboration of the EOI.
  • Financed through the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism Funds and the budgetary application of the SGIPYME of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.
  • The aid is articulated in order of presentation of applications once the verification of compliance with the requirements has been carried out until the budget credit is exhausted.
  • The amount of aid per beneficiary will be 6,150 euros.
  • The beneficiary company will choose the consultancy firm from which it wishes to receive advice among those selected using a Framework Agreement.

You can see the regulatory bases of the subsidy and more information about the program on the business growth program page. Remember that you can count on Leialta as your accredited consultancy to benefit from the aid.


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